MSNBC anchor Katy Tur protected Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) from chairman Trump
Donald TrumpGrant Woods, longtime friend of McCain and former Arizona AG, dies at 67 at sight PACs release advertisement campaign hitting Vance over past comments on trump card Glasgow summit raises stakes because that Biden transaction MORE"s criticism this week, saying the senator "took complete responsibility because that what he dubbed a couple of misplaced words" regarding his false case that he served in Vietnam.

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The defense comes as President Trump argued Monday that his supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, to be treated unfairly by autonomous senators and specifically Blumenthal during testimony prior to the can be fried Court Judiciary Committee top top Thursday.

“Look in ~ Blumenthal. Lied around Vietnam for 15 years, and he said he to be a battle hero,” Trump claimed to reporters in the increased Garden. “He claimed he was Da Nang Richard.”


“He says we need honesty and also we need integrity," trump continued. "This guy lied. As soon as he was the attorney basic of Connecticut, that lied. I perform not median a little bit.”

After Tur played the clip the Trump"s remarks ~ above Blumenthal, she ran a fact check on their veracity.

" fact check on what he said around Senator Blumenthal," Tur stated on Monday afternoon during her MSNBC news hour. "He was claiming that Senator Blumenthal claimed that he served in Da Nang in Vietnam and bragged around serving in Da Nang in Vietnam however was lying around it and got caught about lying about it."

"Senator Blumenthal did speak in 2010, according to a brand-new York Times short article from earlier then, that he offered in Vietnam. No that he offered in Da Nang or any certain province, the he served in Vietnam," she continued.

"When he was faced with the reality that he didn’t actually serve in Vietnam, that was only in the maritime reserve at time, the said, "I intended the Vietnam era," but took complete responsibility because that what he dubbed a few misplaced words," Tur concluded.

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Blumenthal"s false Vietnam company claims came on eight different occasions over the food of the previous decade from 2003 come 2008, follow to multiple various other fact-checks, consisting of in march 2008 when the then-Connecticut attorney general spoke at a consciousness honoring veterans.

“We have actually learned other important because the days that I served in Vietnam,” Blumenthal stated in Norwalk, Conn., in ~ the time. “And friend exemplify it. Whatever we think around the war, whatever we call it — Afghanistan or Iraq — us owe our military men and women unconditional support.”

In 2003, Blumenthal claimed of soldiers return from the Iraq war at a rally to visit by 100 military family members that, "When we changed , we observed nothing like this. Let us do better by this generation that men and also women.”

In 2010, Blumenthal, that received five military deferments prior to enlisting in the marine Reserves, said he may have actually "misspoken" about his company but would not allow "anyone to take it a couple of misplaced words and impugn my record of organization to our country.”

“On a few occasions I have misspoken about my service, and also I regret that and I take complete responsibility,” Blumenthal stated at news conference in ~ a Veterans of foreign Wars short article in Hartford, Conn. “But I will certainly not allow anyone to take a couple of misplaced words and also impugn my document of company to our country.”