A recent video of Selena Gomez showing a baby bump go viral. Because then the rumours the the star being pregnant started flying around. Here’s the truth.

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It is nothing new for celebrities to challenge rumours, scandals, and also controversies during their careers, and also they are many common amongst the highest-paid and also most famous celebrities. And Selena is indeed one of them. She has confronted countless accusations and public expectations since she to be a child since she was just ten years old once she first appeared in the general public eye. Exposure to anxiety and depression once she was young, she had actually to pick treatment and treatment in her early on twenties, and publicly rest the hate messages she received. Selena was likewise suffering from lupus in ~ the time and underwent a kidney transplant from her girlfriend Francia Raisa in 2017. 

The factors behind her anxiety have additionally been controversial. The most most likely one is her intermittent relationship with the renowned “Let Me Love You” singer Justin Bieber. They began dating approximately 2010. They are young, successful, beautiful and also there is no reason not to send them with each other which has actually led come a great group that fans referred to as “Jelena”. 

They broke up for the very first time in 2013 and were shortly reunited. Several other breakups and reconciliations followed, however, the only static in his personal life to be speculation from the media and the public. The couple experienced a chaotic and also permanent breakup in 2018 for your happiness and well-being. Justin shortly married supermodel Hayley, and his developmental drive is really good. However, after ~ the breakup, she fans didn’t move on and Selena to be still hated for it.

Fans the Selena Gomez it seems ~ to believe that the singer ended up being pregnant ~ her video clip on society networks in 2021. However, she was not pregnant, yet healthy and also happy. Tik is ending up being a famous platform because that celebrities come showcase their talents. Recently, Selena also jumped onto the platform. His recent TikTok video has caused numerous questions in the understanding of his fans. At the exact same time, some people also liked the video.

So is Selena Gomez pregnant?

Selena Gomez opened an account on tik in 2021, which is a viral platform where you can article short run or lip-synching videos. Selena easily uploaded a video clip in i beg your pardon she and a friend observed it on Baila Conmigo, dancing and vibrating come the valuation of the song. The fans room so excited to watch their favourite singer so excited, and the video must cheer lock up. If you want to recognize why the video of her dancing is controversial, then this is the dark fact of social media, because you never know just how things will take turns.

A Twitter user named Samantha Elyssa posted a screenshot of her video clip and request a question: “Is Selena Gomez pregnant?” This tweet spread prefer wildfire and was retweeted plenty of times. Unfortunately, none wants to understand the truth. For this reason the rumours spread further.

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Did everyone else watch Selena Gomez’s IG story and think she pregnant?

— Š (
SamanthaElyssa) January 30, 2021

However, every rumours about Selena Gomez’s pregnant turned out to it is in false and also baseless. Selena was also involved in Jimmy Butler’s dating rumours, but these rumours are likewise false. Us wish her love and happiness, and also we praise her for taking care of these false rumours.

Selena Gomez’s Kidney Surgery

The singer had previously got a kidney transplant in public. At the very same time, she likewise spoke about being humiliated while battling lupus. “I have lupus and attend to kidney problems and also high blood push on optimal of that. So ns am managing a lot of health and wellness problems. Because that me, that’s when I really began to notice an ext body image,” she stated in one interview. 

She additionally revealed just how social media is bad for psychological health since he said, “Social media is really negative for ours generation … It just scares me. I see these young girls, I’ll see them in meetings and also things prefer that, just they space being intimidated and cannot refer their own voices. “