Selena Gomez is in therapy for mental health and wellness issues, but the 26-year-old singer has been under this road before.

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The “Back to You” songstress has been to rehab numerous times throughout the years and has always been honest with Selenators (her fanbase) about the wellness struggles she resides with work in and also day out.

2014: Rehab for lupus diagnosis

In January 2014, Gomez privately completed a two-week continue to be at the Meadows, a rehab facility in Arizona.

“Selena voluntarily spent time in ~ Meadows however not because that substance abuse,” Gomez’s rep said E! News at the time. Despite it to be unclear at the moment what resulted in her to receive help, she later defined that that was her newfound lupus diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments that do her action away indigenous the limelight.

“I was diagnosed v lupus, and also I’ve been with chemotherapy. It is what my rest was really about. I could’ve had a stroke,” stated Gomez of her break in a Billboard cover story.

Many assumed that was concerned substance abuse issues, to which she said: “I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. Ns in chemotherapy. You a–holes.’ ns locked myself away till I to be confident and comfortable again.”

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2016: Rehab for anxiety and also depression

Though she came ago from rehab feeling far better than ever, the former Disney starchecked ago into one more rehab facility in Tennesseetwo years later on in respectable 2016 for anxiety and depression.

“As plenty of of friend know, roughly a year back I revealed the I have lupus. I’ve found that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side impacts of lupus, i m sorry can present their own challenges,” the singer claimed in a statement ~ above entering. “I want to it is in proactive and also focus on keeping my health and also happiness and have made decision that the best method forward is to take part time off.”

Gomez’s 90-day therapy in Tennessee come amid she Revival civilization Tour, resulting in her come cancel the continuing to be concert dates. When there, Gomez had actually to provide up she cellphone and participated in individual, group and equine therapies.

“You have no idea how incredible it felt to just be with 6 girls,” she admitted come Vogue in march 2017. “It was among the hardest points I’ve done, however it to be the finest thing I’ve done.”

Summer 2017: Kidney transplant

Only a couple of months ~ that, in the summer of 2017, Gomez revealed she received a kidney transplantfrom her finest friend, Francia Raisa, as result of complications indigenous lupus. Return she received the “ultimate gift” from Raisa, the wasn’t enough to sustain her mental health.

February 2018: therapy treatment

In beforehand 2018, Gomez checked into treatment in a high-end Connecticut basic for 2 weeks. There, she concentrated on therapy, healthy eating, as well as meditation and also pilates.

Justin Bieber and also Hailey Baldwin247PAPS.TV /

Although Gomez departed the facility in a better place, it showed up her battles were slowly starting to return following her break-up from longtime on-again-off-again friend Justin Bieber and also his sudden engagement to Hailey Baldwin. The “It Ain’t Me” singer started giving away her apparel on Instagram and also sent a bizarre article to Jennifer Lopez top top Instagram, which to be the last straw prior to announcing a society media hiatus.

“As much as i am grateful for the voice the social media provides each the us, ns am equally grateful to be able to step back and live my life current to the moment I have actually been given,” she captioned a photograph of herself laugh in a mirror. “Kindness and also encouragement just for a bit! just remember- negative comments deserve to hurt anybody’s feelings. Obvi.”

October 2018: Mental health hospitalization

Just a couple of weeks after ~ departing society media, Gomez was hospitalized after ~ she came to be “despondent and also emotional” over a low white blood cell count, leading a family members member to transport her come Cedars-Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles. She returned residence days later but was readmitted the following week because her white blood cell count didn’t improve, which apparently sent her spiraling.

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She’s seeking therapy at an East shore psychiatric facility, where she’s experience DBT, or dialectical habits therapy, which concentrates on teaching patients mindfulness, healthy and balanced communication and behavioral patterns, emotional regulation and how to far better respond to negative events.