It's always scary because that everyone connected in the manufacturing of a long-running present when a network bring away its time deciding even if it is or not they're going come keep resources it. Lots of tasks are top top the line, not to cite throngs of came to viewers who are eagerly check to watch if it's to be renewed.

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And if you're a SEAL Team fan, then you can be getting a tiny anxious to find out if the display will come ago for Season 5.

The good news is that SEAL Team will certainly return. The bad news is the won't be for free. SEAL Team was initially on CBS, i beg your pardon is owned by ViacomCBS (which is owned by national Amusements). ViacomCBS debuted its streaming service Paramount add to in march of 2021.


Unfortunately, SEAL Team will certainly be heading to the streaming platform because that its fifth season, which means, if you want to store up v your favorite marine SEALs, you'll need to shell the end at the very least $5.99 every month for the basic plan, which has ads. Otherwise, you'll be payment $9.99 because that the ad-free option.

The great news is that the show will still come back to CBS — because that a restricted time. The first four episodes of Season 5 will debut on CBS in the fall, Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.

Originally, SEAL Team go not show up on CBS's regeneration list because that the 2021 come 2022 season, which led to a good deal of issue for fans and also the stars the the present themselves. However it seems that CBS was just weighing its alternatives before relocating the display over come its streaming service.

It's likely that the series's ratings played into why the display was moved. Season 3 averaged a 0.66 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic and 4.92 million viewers. Season 4 witnessed a far-ranging decline, averaging 0.48 in the same demographic and 3.934 million viewers.

The actor even dubbed out CBS on society media, posting a tweet of self sharing a drink through a injured veteran in what shows up to be at a hospital. "Real vets are the genuine heroes behind CBS SEAL Team," it reads. The captioned the snapshot with the message, "Let's walk

David also urged fans to blog post the network come let them know that they want to see more of the series.

Perhaps it was David and the fans who ultimately encouraged CBS to renew the collection for a 5th season, also if it won't it is in on CBS in that is entirety.

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Catch the Season 4 finale that SEAL Team on CBS, may 26 at 9 p.m. EST.

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