San Francisco has asserted a neighborhood emergency to proactively prepare for feasible COVID-19 in our community.

What come do

While there room still zero confirmed situations of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in san Francisco residents, the global picture is changing rapidly and we have to step-up preparedness. Offered the high volume the travel in between and also mainland China, that is likely we will see one or more cases eventually. If a mountain Francisco situation is confirmed, the health and wellness Department will make an announcement.

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Residents the the bay Area continue to be at low threat of ending up being infected through this novel (new) coronavirus, uneven they have actually recently traveled to locations with community transmission the the virus, or have actually come in close call with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Your hazard for this virus relies on take trip history, no on race, ethnicity or culture.

Tips to defend yourself and others

Wash hands v liquid soap and also water, and also rub for at the very least 20 secondsCover your sneeze or sneezeStay residence if you room sickGet your flu shot to protect against flu or symptoms similar to novel coronavirus

There is no novel coronavirus circulating in san Francisco

San Francisco has zero confirmed situations of novel coronavirus. If a san Francisco case is confirmed, the wellness Department will certainly make an announcement, in cooperation with CDC and California room of Public health and wellness (CDPH).

Travel native China

Anyone returning from Mainland China because February 3 will be quarantined through the us Government. 

If you room returning from all over else in China, remain at house for 2 weeks. If you develop symptoms (fever, sneeze or shortness of breath) throughout this time, contact your health provider, inform them of your travel background and self-isolate at home pending their advice.

Bay Area citizens are at low hazard of coming to be infected

Residents the the bay Area room at low threat of ending up being infected v this novel (new) coronavirus, unless they have actually recently travel to Mainland China or have actually come in close call with who who has actually been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Do I have to wear a mask or release my society activities?

There is no referral to stay masks or publication your activities at this time. The best means to defend your health is by practicing preventive procedures such has continual handwashing, coughing and sneezing right into your arm, staying home when sick, and also getting a flu shot to aid prevent illness and symptoms comparable to the novel coronavirus.

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Stay informed

Stay up to date with the novel coronavirus details on the facility for condition Control website. You deserve to print the end our reality sheet in English, Chinese, Filipino and also Spanish. 

Public wellness officials room taking action

Public wellness officials are taking activity to safeguard the public. The US Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention (CDC) and the world Health organization (WHO) are carefully monitoring the outbreak. This is an emerging, swiftly evolving situation, and also CDC will administer updated info as it i do not care available.