Samara, 19, claims she relinquished she beauty queen location — and her career was destroyed — after a group of girl she thought were friends sent compromising image of her to pageant officials. Emotions run high as soon as Samara faces her previous friend, Tosha, that admits to sending the controversial images. Why did she execute it?

A beauty, beauty Queen’s Rise and Fall

Samara, 19, says she began modeling in the 3rd grade and also got serious around competing in beauty pageants in 2010. 2 years later, she was crowned miss out on Tennessee teenager USA 2012. “I had actually tears of delight when i won the pageant. It was so exciting,” she recalls. “My dream was coming true.” She states by win the title, she secured a clues to compete in the nationwide competition — miss Teen USA — and also was awarded $50,000 in prizes, including scholarships come three various colleges.Three work after she winner the crown, Samara says every little thing came crashing down. She says her best friend, Tosha, and also two various other classmates emailed compromising image of her to the pageant director, consisting of a topless photograph that she claims she had actually texted to her ex-boyfriend, months prior to the pageant, when they to be still together. Samara says the other photos — one wherein she appeared to it is in drinking and also another through marijuana — to be taken indigenous her facebook page. “I think they to be motivated due to the fact that they were jealous that i won,” she says. Due to the fact that of the controversy, she says she was provided two alternatives by pageant officials: resign or gain fired. “I chose to resign,” she says, adding that she shed the prizes together with the crown. “Tosha damaged my life, she ruined my pageant job — and I deserve to never complete again,” she says. “I felt prefer I to be blindsided through the civilization who I believed I trusted.”

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Karma … or Jealousy?

Tosha states that she and also Samara were ideal friends for two years and that her previous friend has two sides to her: the pageant queen and also the party girl. “We would smoke marijuana together. We drank every weekend,” she claims. “I would certainly sneak her right into the clubs underage, with fake I.D.s.”Tosha claims that Samara has a history of “doing negative things” to she friends. “She slept with both of our friends’ boyfriends, and I’m pretty sure she had slept with mine,” she says. She additionally claims the Samara told Tosha’s ex-boyfriend the Tosha slept with one of his friends. “It brought about him to get very physical,” she claims. “I blame Samara completely for that.” She continues, “When i feel disrespected, i react, and my way of reacting to that was to execute something come hurt her together badly together she hurt me at the time.”“I knew acquisition her crown was the best way of getting back at her,” she says.Tosha says she obtained the topless picture of Samara indigenous a friend, who obtained it from Samara’s ex-boyfriend. "We gained the photos together, created up a very legit letter, and made up a fake e-mail deal with so that we couldn"t it is in traced back," she confesses."I used one of my friends" computers and also went to the motel and sent the end the letter from their wi-fi, reasoning that we couldn"t be traced." She says she signed the e-mail v the surname of a girl in ~ school, who Samara did no like.After Samara shed her crown, Tosha admits she to be happy. "Karma"s a bitch, and also she gained what she deserved," she says.

Tosha and Samara confront off. "She"s over right here acting choose you deserve to be a beauty queen and still gain messed up and sleep around."


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Dr. Phil speak Samara and Tosha the they have one thing in common: “You try to justify points that you’ve done the are clearly stupid.” He turns to Samara and also says, “When you take a picture, and also you placed it top top the Internet, the is global public domain, v an digital signature, and also it never, ever before goes away.” Samara admits the she’s no surprised the the photo was sent, yet she says, “Why would certainly you re-publishing a picture after being damaged up? You would certainly delete the photos.”“Naïve is not a large enough word come respond come what you just said,” Dr. Phil responds.