Sal Valentinetti’s life has fully changed since appearing on season 11 of America’s gained Talent.

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Gone room the job Sal Valentinetti would provide pizzas around Long Island. Gone are likewise the job he’d shop at Roosevelt field without gift recognized. Ever because the Bethpage aboriginal showed off his singing chops and unforeseen love because that jazz on season 11 that America’s acquired Talent, his life has been a roller coaster ride.

Yet Valentinetti wasn’t constantly aware of his talent. The was during a horn lesson at 15 once it was uncovered. The instructor asked him to select a track to play and Valentinetti began singing the lyrics to a tune he used to listen to through his grandmother: Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife.” taken aback, the instructor automatically urged him come get singing lessons. With more encouragement native his beloved Uncle Joe, Valentinetti started to take it his skill seriously.

These days, singing is all he does. Valentinetti has been touring almost everywhere the country and marketing out shows ago home at The Paramount in Huntington and the Patchogue Theatre.

“It’s yes, really been remarkable to check out the amount of people, specifically from long Island, who have rallied roughly me,” said Valentinetti, who additionally released a self-titled EP ~ above July 1. “There’s no place like home.”

Valentinetti, that is gearing up to return to The big on August 3, opened up up about life after ~ the show, his gratitude because that the previous year and also what’s following for him.

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How has actually life to be difference since the show? Life has adjusted tremendously. I’ve to be traveling almost everywhere the world, singing for many, many different people…I opened up up for Jay Leno at the Mirage in Vegas, I acquired to sing for Regis Philbin out in LA…It’s to be a stunner ride this past year.

Looking back now, what was it choose being on the show? to think exactly how much my life has readjusted in a year, simply what 12 months deserve to bring, ns feel exceptionally blessed. Mine level of gratitude for life has gone up, absolutely through the roof…Looking back, I had actually no idea what I want to perform with mine life. I was in St. John’s for three years, an altering my level every single year. It’s a hard position to it is in in, specifically for someone whose just been on planet for 2 decades and also they desire you to decision what you want to carry out for the remainder of her life…That minute was the moment that my life adjusted forever. Ns knew specifically what I want to do—performing for people and hearing that crowd roaring…Since then, i have learned a lot and also one of those points being yes sir nothing choose doing what friend love.

What made you audition for the show? i was delivering pizzas, that was all i did. And I would certainly make just enough money to placed gas in mine Cadillac. Moving pizzas in a Cadillac is the most counterproductive thing you can do…My uncle Joe, that was my best friend…He goes, “Listen, you could want to shot out because that American Idol.” and I was like, “Yeah, bull sugar. I’m no special sufficient to song pop music roughly on stage.” the said, “Don’t. Be you. Carry out the Sinatra thing. Do what you love.” i went in there and also I did it and they loved it but I only obtained through come Hollywood. I gained home and also he said, “This is just the beginning.”

A pair of weeks later on he got very sick every one of a sudden and he pass away. The was the toughest loss I’ve had since my grandmother. Losing Joe to be like shedding a mentor…It to be a challenging year after that. I went back to school…I began singing gigs here and there, ns was make a little more money. I never really gave much believed to what he had actually said then, the I can do this because that the rest of my life. I get a call call practically a year from the work he passed away from America’s gained Talent saying, “Hey we observed your video clip and we want you come come shot out.” and also I take it it really seriously and also it paid off.

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Did you also receive memorable advice from any type of of the judges as soon as you were on the show? oh yeah! Simon Cowell came approximately me in ~ the end of the show…and that left me with, “Don’t ever before change.” and also I placed my hand top top his shoulder and I looked him right in the eye, right into the ship of the beast, and I said, “It gained me this far!”…I make my career off of simply being me, just being real…Heidi Klum actually really instilled that immediately. The an initial live performance ns did, ns did a One Direction track that was reworked together a standard and I to be so God cursed nervous due to the fact that I had actually never done anything prefer that before…and there would be millions of world watching and I was terrified…Heidi Klum comes the end of she dressing room ~ above stage. World are following her putting her makeup on and also fixing her hair as she’s walking under the corridor. She comes best for me and also she says, “Sal, just do specifically what you did the very first time you were on stage and be you because that’s what civilization want to see.”

Are friend planning to release an album with original songs? We space releasing the EP in bespeak to fund my Christmas album, i m sorry will have original Christmas song on it. We are additionally coming out v a pair of singles which should be out later this year. We are working hard!

And what can fans expect from this next present at The Paramount? simply a good time, a really an excellent time. If they’ve to be to my reflects at The Paramount, it’s a fully different feeling. It’s a lot much more relaxed, a lot much more fun. In December us were all going through the motions, favor we were going come march. Us were every so nervous. It was my first shows and they were all offered out—1500 world a night for three nights. I was terrified. Currently we’ve obtained so comfortable through being on stage.