When the on-screen chemistry in between two Hollywood stars is strong, it often leads fans to think there may be part romantic ties off-screen as well. We"ve viewed it with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, that went on to marry after co-starring in Mr. And Mrs. Smith, and Jenna Dewan and also Channing Tatum, that married after lock starred with each other in Step Up (although neither of those relationships lasted). 

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So, after the on-screen romance in between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal do the 2009 movie a substantial success, it to be no wonder rumors surfaced the the 2 A-listers may have had a prior romance. Since then, the duo"s friendship has sparked curiosity in fans who room dying to recognize the truth about their relationship. Regardless of the truth that Ryan Reynolds married Blake vivid in 2012 and also Sandra Bullock is in a years-long partnership with Bryan Randall, over there is no denying chemistry once existed. Bullock and also Reynolds are also rumored to be joining pressures on-screen again for an action-romance! Here"s the truth behind Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock"s relationship.

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The answer come the age-old question around whether there"s ever before been any romance in between Sandra Bullock and also Ryan Reynolds is, well... No. The Miss Congeniality actress told TODAY"s Al Roker in ~ the 2011 golden Globes the there is no reality to the rumors she dated she movie co-star. 

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"I think there will be a cumulative sigh among women in the united States as soon as I say, he"s no my lovah, he"s simply an remarkable friend I"ve had for 10 years," revealed Bullock (via TMZ). "And ns hope there"s an ext friendship prefer that, but I don"t get his love after dark." 

Reynolds affirmed their friendship in an interview, every the Philippine everyday Inquirer, revealing he would certainly "love come do another movie v Sandra." The gibbs continued, "We"ve talked around it. We had actually such an excellent chemistry — that was based on 10 years of friendship. We had known each other for a long time as soon as we entered that. If it"s the right , we"ll perform it because it"s favor working with family. It"s a good experience."

That movie might finally be in the works. One thing is because that sure: the two have actually a shared love for Betty White.