Ryan Lochte reaction after finishing saturday in the 200-meter separation, personal, instance medley last at the Olympic swimming trials Friday night in Omaha. Lochte, 36, struggled come a seventh-place finish.

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OMAHA—On one next of the swimming pool deck in ~ the CHI health and wellness Center, Michael Andrew increased his arms in triumph.

As the group cheered Andrew’s victory in the 200-meter separation, personal, instance medley at the U.S. Olympic swim trials Friday night, Ryan Lochte lingered in the pool.

He leaned ~ above the roadway line, gradually removed his lid and soaked up the end of his last, ideal chance to do the Olympics for a fifth time.

Lochte finished saturday in a race whereby he owns the civilization record, concluding a years-long comeback once he changed from U.S. Swimming’s resident poor boy come a low-key husband and also father of 2 young children.



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“This is the most essential swim meet I’ve had actually in my entire career, the one that meant the most to me,” the 36-year-old stated as that fought earlier tears throughout a news conference.

He stated he felt favor he “let anyone down.”

Lochte came to be one of the world’s most recognizable swimmers throughout the critical decade and also a half, as much for his power in the swimming pool as his sometimes-controversial behavior outside of it. The earned 12 Olympic medals, the second-most through a men’s swimmer, and also drew attention for legendary focus, brightly-colored hair and bold pronouncements.

But the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 overshadowed everything. An night of drinking, allegations that vandalism and lying about being plunder at gunpoint motivated an international scandal.

In the year since, Lochte has endeavored to display he has changed.

“Deep down, that really has a great heart,” three-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy said. “That’s what ns really appreciate around Lochte: he really does care around people.”



Michael Phelps mirrors on sideline function during Olympic trials

After retiring from swimming, Michael Phelps stays associated in the sports ahead the the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In various other finals Friday, Santa Clarita’s Abbey Weitzeil won the 100 freestyle, Annie Lazor take it the 200 breaststroke and also Murphy, together expected, caught the 200 backstroke.

But this trials haven’t been vintage Lochte. That didn’t advance in the 200 freestyle and also scratched three other events. The 200 IM was his shot at the Olympics. That faded to complete in 1:59.67, five and a half seconds off the human being record he collection in 2011 and an ext than 4 seconds behind Andrew.

Lochte to be the last man out of the pool. He adopted Andrew and delivered a message.

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“Basically come tell me he is passing the torch,” said Andrew, who will be contending in his first Olympics next month in Tokyo after additionally winning the 100 breaststroke. “It’s just a special minute that ok remember forever.”

Lochte hugged family members members in the stands. Michael Phelps, owner the 28 Olympic medals, hustled top top the pool deck to take on his one-time rival.

“I was getting pressure from all different directions, greatly from me, due to the fact that I wanted to prove so much to everyone,” Lochte said. “But this no the critical you’re going to view of me.”