Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy were crowned the 20th season champions and also winners of the mirror round trophy ~ above the "Dancing with the Stars" season finale.

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Actor/muscian Riker Lynch and also pro dancer Allison Holker, that came in second place, performed an encore of their freestyle dance throughout the finale.

retired U.S. Military Sgt. Young name Galloway and also professional dancer Sharna burgess came in 3rd place. Galloway, who shed an arm and also a foot in the Iraq War, winner the hearts of the judges and also audience v his determination and incredible dancing.

just three couples remained as soon as the "Dancing through the Stars" finale aired top top Tuesday night. Indigenous left to right: pro dancer Sharna Burgess and Noah Galloway; Riker Lynch and also pro dancer Allison Holker; and also Rumer Willis and also pro dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Click through the collection to find out that took home the trophy.

Entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" panelist Robert Herjavec gained kicked that the show however may have won in one more realm: He"s reportedly dating his partner, pro dancer Kym Johnson.

Legendary heart singer Patti LaBelle, who was partnered with pro dancer Artem Chigvintsev, will always be a winner in the music world. She performed her hit tune "2 steps Away" on the finale.
Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin was already a winner once she to be paired through pro dancer and also Derek Hough. Nevermind that she was kicked turn off the show. She to be an Olympic gold medalist at the all-around gymnastics competition at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, one of five medals she won there.
version Charlotte McKinney, 21, has currently wowed the net (the girl-crazed section anyway) v her Super bowl "au naturel" Carl"s Jr. Advertisement. She"s likewise modeled for Guess.
The finale featured the music that Redfoo, half of the music duo LMFAO, v a power of his song, "Juicy Wiggle." He to be paired v pro dancer Emma Slater.
The young performer pasture Shields is finest known as Primrose Everdeen in the "Hunger Games" movies. In ~ 14, she"s the youngest contestant the display has ever had.
Actress Suzanne Somers, known for her function on "Three"s Company," her books and also her product sales, was likewise sent home.
Iowa farmer chris Soules, star that the alphabet reality collection "The Bachelor" and one of numerous men sent residence on "The Bachelorette," likewise danced his method into America"s heart -- return not sufficient to victory the show.
A battle veteran, daughter that Hollywood royalty and also a "Glee" singer to be in the finals

Patti La Belle, Suzanne Somers and also an Olympic gold medalist to be all sent packing

Rumer Willis and also professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy took home the “Dancing through the Stars” mirror sphere trophy Tuesday night.

The hit abc show’s 20th season finale featured three finalists: Willis, daughter of Hollywood celebrities Bruce Willis and Demi Moore; singer/actor Riker Lynch and military veteran young name Galloway in the two-night finale.

Galloway to be paired with skilled dancer Sharna Burgess, Willis with experienced dancer Chmerkovskiy and Lynch with professional dancer Allison Holker.

Lynch come in at 2nd place, while emotional pan favorite Galloway came in third. Your scores to be a mix of audience votes and scores by judges ~ above the show.

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AmericanLegion) might 19, 2015

Celebrities came out in pressure for Willis, the daughter of other celebrities. But third-place Galloway, a army veteran, winner the love that the studio audience and also the judges through his decision to contend despite losing component of his left arm and left knee throughout Operation Iraqi flexibility in 2005. And also second-place winners Lynch and Holker wowed the crowd through their showmanship, winning sufficient votes top top Twitter to perform their freestyle run on the finale.

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Courtney) might 19, 2015

The two-hour display featured every 12 of this season’s couples, along with favorite couples from seasons past.

Iowa farmer chris Soules, who showed up on “The Bachelor” and also “The Bachelorette,” was sent residence earlier, and “nice” shark Robert Herjavec indigenous the ABC display “Shark Tank.” various other celebrities sent home were singing icon Patti LaBelle; “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers; gymnast Nastia Liukin, one Olympic yellow medalist; model/actress Charlotte McKinney; performer/producer/actor Redfoo; football player Michael Sam; and actress pasture Shields, that plays Primrose Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” movies.

for those hiding under a rock, v no access to TV: “Dancing v the Stars” pairs celebrities with professional dancers to execute choreographed run routines in former of ballroom judge Len Goodman, two-time “Dancing v the Stars” victor Julianne Hough, and dancer/choreographers Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli.