Country star Roy Clark, the guitar virtuoso and singer that headlined the cornpone TV show "Hee Haw" for almost a quarter-century, passed away today at period 85. This article was a preview before he performed in April 2012 in ~ Buck Owens" crystal Palace, i beg your pardon was opened by friend and former "Hee Haw" co-host Owens, that passed away in 2006.

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Roy Clark invested 17 year at the next of Buck Owens as the 2 made country music magic as the co-hosts the "Hee Haw," among the most iconic — and also hilariously cheesy — mirrors in television history. So that is with pleasure and also anticipation the Clark will certainly take the stage Tuesday in ~ the venue built and beloved by his so late friend, whose legacy have the right to still be felt at the crystal Palace.

"It"s one of those points that ns can"t believe I didn"t perform there prior to this," stated Clark in a phone call interview Tuesday native his residence in Oklahoma.

"It"s nearly a natural booking after Buck and I co-hosted "Hee Haw." Needless come say, among the big pieces of mine life was in the 29 years that we were in production, and we developed a friendship the we"ll require to the grave with us."

The weekly pickin" and grinnin" schtick perfected by Owens and also guitar virtuoso Clark resonated v viewers from the debut the "Hee Haw" in 1969. Yet as tastes changed and careers relocated in different directions, the team would part ways in 1986: Clark would continue to be on together the show"s organize for one more several years, while Owens would leave to emphasis on new business endeavors in

The "Hee Haw" collection would be the last time the two would re-publishing a phase together, all of which renders Clark"s appearance Tuesday bittersweet. However Clark well-known their cooperation wouldn"t last forever.

"Buck to be always very business-minded. He would say, "I gained the radio stations," and he had the Pennysaver and also that"s what he had actually been spending every his time in. And you understand taping "Hee Haw" — that didn"t advantage anything indigenous it. He had actually to avoid his regular organization activities, close up shop and also come come Nashville for that time. Everything in this business, you"re trying to add to your career, do the efforts to an increase it up, and also he didn"t benefit from any kind of of that.

"I to be surprised that after the newness wore off, around 15 years, he all of a suddenly said, "Well, I"ve done all I might do here. I"m going earlier to""

So why visit now? Owens" boy Buddy Alan wishes he deserve to take a tiny measure of credit for Clark"s decision. Critical year a reunion of the remaining "Hee Haw" actors was arranged, and Clark invite Buddy Alan Owens to attend (the taping the the reunion still airs periodically on RFD-TV).

"Everybody has always loved him. He"s just a distinct individual v so much talent. One of the funniest men I"ve ever before met in my life, and boy, what a musician. When we recorded that Kornfield reunion, I stated the decision Palace and told the he necessary to pertained to Civilization need to watch him. Hopefully that had actually something to carry out with it. That is long overdue. I just wished my dad can have been right here to be a component of it."

Buckaroo guitarist terrycloth Christofferson, that joined Owens" band in 1974, recalled fun times top top the collection of "Hee Haw." regardless of rumors the an recurring feud in between the 2 hosts, Christofferson said he just never saw it.

"I don"t remember ever before hearing Buck saying anything bad about Roy," Christofferson said. "It simply never worked out that we ever got him right into the Crystal royal residence after every these years. I always thought the was a shame due to the fact that they did job-related together and, since then, a the majority of the show"s actors has pass on."

Clark stated his last visit come was in 1977 for a taping that "Hanna-Barbera"s All-Star Comedy ice Revue" for CBS at what to be then referred to as the civic Auditorium. In succeeding years, Clark came to be a constant guest on "The Tonight display Starring Johnny Carson" and also several TV sitcoms, normally as himself. He"s a member that the cool Ole Opry and also was inducted into the country Music hall of Fame 3 years ago.

Today at age 79, Clark still performs consistently with lot of the exact same fire viewers were supplied to seeing as soon as he blazed ~ above songs like "Black Sapphire," "Rocky Top" and also jazz standards "Caravan" and "Malaguena." yet though his mental is still together sharp together his signature licks, there is lot he claimed he can"t play.

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"Traditional nation is what i am. I still execute instrumentals on guitar and also fiddle, and also I"ve gained a really cookin" band. We"ve been together for twenty years or better, so us all know what the other one is qualified of, so every I have to do is point and say, "Play it.""

"Well, you look ago on it. to be as big as Nashville. The image, and what that did, he created — him and all the others: Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, all of "em come out that the woodwork once Buck opened up the door to what can be had actually in Girlfriend didn"t have to go come Nashville. Girlfriend could develop your career best there."

Roy Clark

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Buck Owens" crystal Palace, 2800 Buck Owens Blvd.

Admission: $31.50 to $41.50

Information: 328-7560 or

There was a lot come "Hee Haw" about at the crystal Palace once Roy Clark took the stage Tuesday night.




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