The WWE is a strange and also wild place. In the WWE, genuine athletes will contend in matches that are often scripted. These athletes may additionally play personalities that have actually a fake backstory and also a fake persona.

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That’s just how the WWE and other wrestling institutions writes their stories, as some characters will be the heroes and others, the villains. That’s why, once Roman Reigns revealed that he has leukemia, part fans doubted him.

But, through the totality coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, it has actually also listed more proof that this wasn’t a fake diagnosis.

A brief look at roman inn Reigns’ career


Roman Reigns | Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Reigns joined the WWE in 2010 as part of a group referred to as The Shield. The Shield had actually two other members, Seth Rollins and also Dean Ambrose, and the 3 of them would complete with other groups as well as participate in common storylines.

But, in 2014, Reigns left this group and also it wasn’t long prior to the WWE had something in mind because that him.

Reigns has actually a very similar real-life backstory that one more famous WWE wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has. Both men have actually Samoan heritage in your blood, both males played football before, and in fact, both guys are actually rather related. Technically speaking, they’re not related by blood, but in Samoan culture, they’re virtually cousins.

Due to this connection, the WWE make the efforts to push Reigns together The Rock’s successor. This didn’t job-related out, together fans didn’t prefer Reigns as much as they liked The Rock. But, Reigns persevered and he ended up to win multiple WWE championships. Still, pan weren’t on his side, even though the WWE tried to make him the hero in every storyline.

Roman Reigns talks about his fight with leukemia

In 2018, Reigns publicly announced the he has leukemia. As agree Wrestling sheet said, Reigns has CML leukemia, which, thanks to the reality that the was captured in its beforehand stages, have the right to be treated through taking a pill. It’s not as painless and simple as it may seem, though.

As Reigns said, it has actually side effects that do it hard for that to stay healthy enough to wrestle. That’s why he took a leave of lack after announcing his diagnosis.

This isn’t the first time that Reigns wrestled through leukemia, either. As Reigns stated in his announcement, he combated leukemia earlier in 2007 and also was in remission until 2018.

After announcing this, WWE pan from approximately the human being gave their support to Reigns. The didn’t get booed and, for the most part, he was only displayed love.

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So, once in 2019, Reigns made his go back to the WWE, fans cheered because that him for once. In fact, this minute was the ideal WWE minute of 2019, follow to the ESPY awards.