Their chemistry was undeniable. Together sexy amateur sleuths Jonathan and also Jennifer Hart, Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers sizzled together they chased down bad guys on your hit 1979–1984 collection Hart to Hart. And 40 years later, they’ve still gained that special spark. “We adore every other,” Stefanie, 76, confides come Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. “Robert and also I live in separate parts of the world, however he’ll visit because that dinner at times.” In fact, she says, the 2 “talk rather regularly and also send each various other dirty jokes!”

The stars were so believable as a happy married couple, fans frequently wondered if they ever took your TV romance turn off camera. “No, i was married Natalie Wood> and she was through Bill Holden. What you saw was strictly because that the functions we played,” Robert, 89, speak Closer. “The factor we had actually this good relationship was because we’d operated together on the Takes a Thief . We always had a joyous time.”

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So once Robert come aboard, he checked out bat because that Stefanie. “At first, they didn’t desire her — they didn’t think she had actually the humor to pull off the part,” that says. “After running the end of possibilities, they establish she to be perfect.” Each verified their comic chops with plots that uncovered them investigating crime — periodically in stunner disguises (“I play a happiness teller and also a many other things on the show,” Stefanie laughs), regularly holding cocktails, and constantly trading bon mots. And the funny didn’t finish when the cameras stopped rolling. “RJ, Stefanie and also Lionel were pranksters, constantly trying to outdo every other,” Lionel’s widow, Stephana Stander Kamer, speak Closer. “One time, Stefanie had a photo of RJ indigenous Prince Valiant puffy up. RJ opened up a door on set to find himself face-to-face v himself!”

So just what to be the secret that’s retained the show (now on Cozi TV) for this reason popular? “This pair really admired and also supported every other,” Robert says.

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“The personalities were yes, really in love with each other, and also you never saw any type of domestic squabbles.” would they it is in up for another reunion? “It’s one of those maybe/who knows things,” Stefanie teases. “Never to speak never!”

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