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But after ~ Simpson was found not guilty, there relationship showed up to be strained.

In 1996, he doubted Simpson’s innocence throughout an interview ~ above ABC through Barbara Walters.

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“I have doubts. The blood proof is the greatest thorn in my side; that reasons me the greatest problems. Therefore I struggle with the blood evidence,” the said, according to CNN.

He also told Walters that Simpson never ever thanked him for his help during the trial.

Simpson and also Kardashian also clashed end a book around the attempt he added to, American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story the the Simpson Defense, which to be released in 1997.

The previous football star and actor said the brand-new York Times that Kardashian had actually betrayed attorney-client privilege by telling details of the case.

The book’s author, Larry Schiller, said the brand-new York Times, that Kardashian, “stood by O. J. Irrespective of exactly how he felt due to the fact that he felt that nobody else to be standing through O. J., not due to the fact that of his innocence or guilt, but due to the fact that there to be a friendship there.”

Schiller said Kardashian to be a collaborating source for the book, but not the main source, the times reported.

In 1995, Kardashian wrote around the trial, according to the Los Angeles Times:

O.J. Simpson never lied to me. He has actually told me the he did not commit these awful crimes and I have no reason not to believe him. It was from the perspective that I concerned stand through his side during his trial. Because that me, the question was: What would you perform for a friend? would certainly you provide up her business, placed your an individual life ~ above hold and devote a year and a half of her life to a friend? i did, there is no realizing what an horrible journey ns was around to take.

After Kardashian’s death, Simpson spoke around their relationship.

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“It’s shocking once a friend close to you passes. I loved Bobby,” Simpson told CNN. “We had actually one disagreement over the years, about a book he did for money. He defined it to me, I taken it, and also we put it aside. Bob to be there as soon as I essential him most.”

Simpson is right now serving a prison sentence because that robbery and kidnapping in one unrelated crime.