rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's connection Timeline Fans can relive every one of Rob Kardashian and also Blac Chyna"s relationship problems through substantial timeline that adheres to their dysfunction. D

Rob Kardashian and also Blac Chyna
If you desire to know about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna"s partnership timeline, right here it is. This is everything a fan requirements to know around how the couple got to where they are.

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Rob Kardashian has been the black lamb of the family ever due to the fact that he acquired all his weight and went into hiding ~ living through his sister Khloe and Lamar Odom, who was she husband at the time. The when outgoing brother offered the darkness come recoil from public life, only venturing out to eventually date Blac Chyna and also have a son with her.

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Blac Chyna required to her Instagram in January 2016 to article a photo of some an enig man kissing her on the cheek. The man had actually a mustache and wore a baseball cap, however his tattoos provided him away as Rob. The picture has because been deleted from her page.


Not just did Blac Chyna have a kid with an additional rapper named Tyga, yet the same rapper also started dating Rob’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner. Kim Kardashian West was originally the only close family members member to Chyna, however the friendship appeared to fade away, much like plunder from the general public eye.


Blac Chyna when again required to her Instagram to garner love from her pendant in February 2016 once she randomly started to post much more than one picture of her wearing a pretty massive diamond ring. Yet People reported the they were not engaged.



During the exact same time together the diamond ring debacle, Rob began to commit himself to a healthier way of living as he want to woo his girlfriend. At the time resources close come the family members said that Rob had indeed collapse hard.

Rob Kardashian Before and After
BREAKING increase IS hard TO DO

When march 2016 came along, Rob to be trying to safeguard their partnership after multiple of your social media accounts had been deleted. The told the outlets the would favor to store the details that his private life, well, private.

 SHE claimed YES!

After sharing a lot of PDA and also getting the Kardashian household onboard, plunder proposed come Blac Chyna after just ten weeks of dating earlier in April 2016. The ring to be stunning and six carats no less.



Then came the announcement in might 2016 that the couple was going to be parental to their first child together. The couple welcomed Dream Renee in November 2016.

Rob Kardashian on keeping Up v the Kardashians

Blac Chyna’s Instagram account was hacked, and also private messages were leaked concerning her cheating ~ above Rob. She shown the legitimacy the the messages and also even accused plunder of gift the hacker.


Even though the couple reconciled in January 2017, they later divulge the they had actually canceled their plans to get married.


This past July, plunder posted 3 naked images of his ex while accusing her of having actually a drug and also alcohol problem.



On July 10, Blac Chyna received a momentary restraining order against Rob.

Blac Chyna

On Sept. 15, 2017, the couple agreed come share custody of your daughter.


Rob and also Kylie zener filed a sue on Sept. 27, 2017, versus the mother of his child for accused trying to choke him.

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As that today, the couple is tho separated however trying to co-parent come the best of their ability.

Blac Chyna and also Dream Kardashian
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