Earlier this week, the autonomous senator from Connecticut questioned Brett Kavanaugh's credibility.

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From left, autonomous Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Mazie Hirono, Richard Blumenthal and also Patty Murray at a news conference ~ above the Kavanaugh nomination on Sept. 18, 2018.Mike Segar / Reuters
President Donald Trump struck Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., for misleading voters, making part false claims of his very own in the process.

“Senator Richard Blumenthal should talk around his fraudulent business in Vietnam, whereby for 12 year he said the civilization of Connecticut, as their lawyer General, that he to be a great Marine battle Hero. Talked about his plenty of battles of close to death, yet was never in Vietnam. Complete Phony!” trump tweeted.

Senator Richard Blumenthal have to talk around his fraudulent organization in Vietnam, wherein for 12 year he said the human being of Connecticut, as their lawyer General, that he was a an excellent Marine war Hero. Talked about his plenty of battles of near death, however was never ever in Vietnam. Complete Phony!

— Donald J. Trump card (

The president has actually made comparable remarks ~ above Blumenthal"s admitted falsehoods — we fact checked another claim last year — yet the chairman exaggerated them also further ~ above Monday, saying the senator had once declared to be a battle hero.

Blumenthal go lead voter in Connecticut to believe he was a Vietnam veteran when, in fact, that was never deployed come Vietnam. He obtained at least 5 deferments and also later served in the marine Reserve in the Washington area, according to a new York Times article in 2010.

There"s no evidence Blumenthal boasted of near-death experiences, or claimed to it is in a war hero; the did do false claims about returning ago from war or serving in Vietnam.

He later on apologized for misrepresenting his service, speak he regret saying that he had actually served "in" Vietnam instead of "during" Vietnam.

In 2010, The Times uncovered that Blumenthal had actually made misleading statements around his war service for at least seven years, because 2003, and also that the press had reported that he to be a Vietnam veteran for at least a decade; it"s unsure if the senator"s false claims extended end 12 year back, though, together the president said.

Blumenthal has remained in the spotlight freshly as a member the the Senate Judiciary Committee. He questioned Supreme Court nominee referee Brett Kavanaugh last week end Kavanaugh"s past remarks around partying and women, arguing that they to be inconsistent with his present testimony and cited a legit principle often given to jurors the they deserve to disbelieve a witness"s in its entirety testimony if they uncover one explain to be false.

"The main point of why we"re right here today really is credibility," Blumenthal said.

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Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., attacked Blumenthal because that those remarks, saying he must reconsider his heat of questioning because of his previous false claims about Vietnam. Cotton served in Afghanistan and also Iraq.