Ronda Rousey poses nude

The harcore MMA fanbase has an unfortunately habit that declaring any kind of fighter who loses a loser. Yet someone loser every MMA fight. And also no one walk undefeated. So former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has received a torrent that criticism online, however in the actual world, RondaMania proceeds to be the rule.

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Most recently, she landed on cover that the 2016 Sports illustrated Swimsuit edition, put on nothing however paint.

For the first time in SI Swimsuit history, they crowned three rather one individual cover models. They likewise included model and body activist Ashley Graham, that is beautiful, and also a size 16. In crucial moment, the decimal on the covering is a size 4 share supermodel.

So we have actually one athlete, one mold breaking model, and one model model because that the larger guys.

Good task Sports Illustrated.

Behind the scene look at the swimsuit gift painted on.




Don’t suppose to ever before see Rousey in less than paint. When in 2012 Playboy suggested interest in a naked photoshoot, Rousey replied memorably.

“No one should have the ability to see my cash and also prizes because that $5, okay,” she said. “I don’t care how much money they gave me.”

Rousey has done ESPN’s human body issue. However, when the featured athletes room nude, the cash and prizes are discretely blocked.

“I felt choose it to be a great way to promote myself and women’s MMA,” said Rousey that the ESPN human body issue. “It wasn’t like Playboy.”

Rousey expanded on she limits, following a discussion with her mother.

“Well, no one saw my vagina,” said Rousey frankly. “There’s the one huge difference. The covenant that me and my mother came up with was every little thing you’re no willing to display in public, you won’t present in a magazine. For this reason if i’m gonna tan ~ above the beach v my height off facedown, exactly how is that different than anything i have shot therefore far? If lock can’t see your cash and also prizes, climate I’m fine with it. If i’m gonna carry out that top top a Saturday, climate what’s wrong through me doing that in a magazine?”

There’s nothing wrong v it.

Another thing you need to not expect is because that Rousey come look model skinny because that a photoshoot. As an practice in developing a positive body image for girls and women, she put on weight for the shoots.

“I felt like I was lot too little for a magazine that is supposed to be celebrate the summary of a woman,” said Rousey prior to last years’ SI swimsuit issue. “I want to be in ~ my many feminine shape, and I don’t feeling my most attractive at 135 lbs., which is the weight i fight at. At 150 lbs., ns feel like I’m at my healthiest and also my strongest and also my most beautiful.”

“I flourished up thinking that since my body type was uncommon , it was a bad thing. Now the I’m older, i have really begun to realize the my body has occurred for a purpose and also not simply to be looked at.”

“Now i only shot to preserve my fighting weight for a pair hours a year – right prior to weigh-ins. Afterward, I preserve a weight wherein I’m no starving or feeling weak, which renders me happier.”

In she autobiography, Rousey detailed her teenage struggles with human body issues.

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“My mind to be backward,” she said. “I thought I want my body to look a certain method so I might be happy.”

So Ronda Rousey looks like a mrs in this images, not a stick number model. And also she’s happy.