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Fracking in the U.S.Energy usage in the U.S. Energy policy in the U.S. Environmental policyState fracking policyState environmental policyGlossary of power termsPublic plan newsBarack Obama/Joe Biden Incumbent51.3%65,899,660332     Republican Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan 47.4%60,932,152206     Libertarian Gary Johnson/Jim Gray 1%1,275,8040     Green Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala 0.4%469,5010Total Votes128,577,117538Election outcomes via: FEC main election results

Other candidates that showed up on the ballot received less than 0.1% of the vote. Those candidates included: Roseanne Barr, Rocky Anderson, thomas Hoefling, Jerry Litzel, Jeff Boss, Merlin Miller, Randall Terry, Jill Reed, Richard Duncan, Andre Barnett, chuck Baldwin, Barbara Washer, Tom Stevens, Virgil Goode, will certainly Christensen, Stewart Alexander, James Harris, Jim Carlson, Sheila Tittle, Peta Lindsay, Gloria La Riva, Jerry White, Dean Morstad and Jack Fellure.<173>


In 2008, Obama beat John McCain (R), Ralph Nader (Peace and Freedom), Bob Barr (L), chuck Baldwin (Constitution) and also Cynthia McKinney (Green) in the Presidential election on November 4, 2008.

U.S. Presidential election, 2008
PartyCandidateVote %VotesElectoral votes
The finance data presented here comes from the disclosures compelled of candidates and parties. Depending on the choice or state, this may not stand for all the funds spent on their behalf. Satellite spending teams may or might not have actually expended funds pertained to the candidate or politician ~ above whose web page you are reading this disclaimer, and campaign finance data from elections may be incomplete. For elections to federal offices, finish data deserve to be found at the FEC website. Click below for more on federal project finance law and also here for more on state campaign finance law.

Barack Obama project contribution history
2012U.S. Presidency (Incumbent)
2004U.S. Senate (Illinois)Hillary Clinton 50.6%1,039,55579
Bernie Sanders 48.6%999,49477
Willie Wilson 0.3%6,5650
young name O"Malley 0.3%6,1970
Larry Cohen 0.1%2,4070
Roque De La Fuente 0.1%1,8020
David Formhals 0%250
Brian O"Neill 0%20
Source: The brand-new York Times and Illinois State board of elections

Delegate allocation

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Illinois had 183 delegates in ~ the 2016 democratic National Convention. Of this total, 156 to be pledged delegates. National party rules stipulated how democratic delegates in all states were allocated. Pledged delegates were allocated to a candidate in proportion to the votes he or she got in a state"s primary or caucus. A candidate to be eligible to get a re-superstructure of the state"s pledged delegates if the or she won at least 15 percent that the votes actors in the primary or caucus. There were three types of pledged autonomous delegates: congressional district delegates, at-large delegates, and also party leaders and elected public official (PLEOs). Congressional district delegates to be allocated proportionally based upon the major or caucus outcomes in a provided district. At-large and PLEO delegates to be allocated proportionally based upon statewide primary results.<191><192>

Twenty-seven party leaders and also elected officials offered as unpledged delegates. These delegates to be not compelled to adhere come the results of a state"s major or caucus.<191><193>

Obama and his mam Michelle have two girls, Malia and Sasha. They additionally shared the White home with their 2 Portuguese Water Dogs, Bo and Sunny. Obama winner a Grammy compensation in 2006 because that the analysis of his memoir The desires From my Father, and also is an avid reader and sports fan.<194> Obama was nominated, in addition to actor Zack Galifianakis because that an Emmy award on July 10, 2014, in the impressive Short-Format Live-Action entertain Program classification for his interview top top Galifianakis" between Two Ferns.<195> He had actually the White home tennis court adapted to produce a full sized basketball court quickly after taking office.

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