The previous co-host that the alphabet daytime talk present opened up alongside other former co-host Candace Cameron Bure about how she to be pitched to sign up with the show.

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Former The View master Raven-Symoné and Candace Cameron Bure to speak the method they to be pitched to show up on the roundtable talk show did not align with their actual experiences once the cameras started rolling.

In the most recent illustration of The View: Behind the Table, the abc News distinct podcast concentrating on the long-running speak show, both former co-hosts opened up around how the show’s political bend facility their desire to take and also keep a seat at the table. As soon as speaking come her very own experience, Raven-Symoné likened the procedure of exactly how she was pitched ~ above what the present would be versus the truth of that being hefty on national politics as a “catfishing” situation.

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“I obtained catfished,” Symoné said. “I feel choose I just acquired catfished. I believed I was going ~ above a show, like Candace, wherein it to be pop society and fun and exciting and I acquired catfished, and I learned a an excellent lesson.”

Bure claimed she was “pitched a fully different direction” than the present actually went, with her hesitations about joining as co-host heavily based on the truth that she’s no a political person. “I said, ‘Politics is not, it’s no my bag. I’ve never talked publicly about politics. I don’t even come indigenous a political family, meaning I didn’t grow up speaking around politics,"” she explained. “So they had actually told me, ‘We’re walk so much lighter,’ a lot much more would be evergreen. We want to talk more about family and sex and life, so ns was like, ‘Absolutely, 100 percent, I’m on board.’ and also then that all adjusted when Trump gone into the race.”

Bure declared in the past that the considerable coast-to-coast travel required for the show — as she stays with her family members in Los Angeles and The View films in brand-new York — as well as her occupational on various other projects choose Fuller House to be behind her decision to leave. Throughout the podcast, she confirms this but additionally speaks to the emotional tension of gift on the show, which saw her gift urged to repetitively respond to differing opinions, even when she want to “back off.”

While she felt choose everyone “was respectful for the many part,” it to be still something that made she “sick” to she stomach, bring about “so countless mornings” where she “would simply be crying before the show.” The anxiety roughly that just increased following the choice of Donald Trump, which Bure admitted likewise played a significant part in she decision come leave.

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“As shortly as Donald trump card won the election, ns was like, this has gained to go due to the fact that I could not — i did not want to be the punching bag because that the next 4 years in that conservative seat,” Bure explained. “I simply didn’t want to. And it wasn’t worth it come me. That wasn’t precious my mental health, which was already suffering, therefore it to be a really easy decision.”

As because that Symoné, she said her push came from being the only LGBTQ member top top the panel and also having to serve as the solitary face of that community. “The only reason i really got through a lot of the stuff that ns did acquire through was due to the fact that of Whoopi and also the producers together well,” she explained. “There is miscellaneous amazing about behind the scene of The View that type of put the salve over all the BS that’s walk on on-camera the made it tolerable to remain as lengthy as we did.”

Symoné joinedThe watch co-hosting team in ~ the finish of season 18 if Bure join at the begin of season 19.At the time, a resource close to the situation tells THR, new leadership readjusted the direction that the show as the news bike shifted through Trump running for office. The same source said that regardless of those changes, Symoné and also Bure made an excellent contributions to the table.