Raven-Symoné, famously of Disney Channel"s That"s for this reason Raven, had actually a somewhat turbulent year on The View from spring 2015 to fall 2016. The former Disney star replaced Rosie O"Donnell ~ above the alphabet talk display after guest-hosting in March and April 2015.

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During her time ~ above The View, raven incited ire indigenous viewers with some of her offhand comments, follow to The WrapThe Wrap report that one of the complaints toward her consisted of "remarking the she wouldn"t hire someone v a "ghetto name," which led to an virtual petition for she removal." The Los Angeles Times also listed in 2016 that part viewers were unhappy with Raven saying, "she vowed to relocate to Canada if a Republican was "nominated" because that president."

However, crow leaving The View actually came under to her heading earlier to the Disney Channel for a brand-new Raven spinoff. According to Deadline, when Raven common the news on The View in October 2016, she said, "I"m excited and also sad, yet I have actually an announcement to make. No, I"m not pregnant... We"re act a That"s therefore Raven II — there"s no title yet... I"m very excited. I"m walking to be leaving prior to the year"s up." crow left The View shortly after to obtain to job-related on what would quickly be referred to as Raven"s Home, a fitting title because that her return to Disney.

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Raven-Symoné may be most popular for her duty on The Cosby Show, yet she made Disney Channel her house years later. After showing up in Hangin" v Mr. Cooper and also Dr. Doolittle, Raven headed to Disney to play one-fourth that the Cheetah Girls in the DCOM franchise and Raven Baxter on That"s for this reason Raven. She additionally voiced the character of Monique in Kim Possible and played Nebula in the Zenon films, among others.

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Disney likewise helped Raven"s music career important blossom. She had actually songs ~ above a few different soundtracks, including The Haunted Mansion, and also of course, the Cheetah Girls. She ultimately stepped ago from the Disney Channel for a bit to take it on other roles, which is exactly how she got to The View in 2015.

Disney feeling a little like residence to Raven and it"s a network she deserve to trust, which she called the Los Angeles Times about in 2018 while functioning on Raven"s Home. She not just stars in the series, however executive produce it as well. "When you discover to acquire on a tight rope, you"re not simply going to run up ~ above the tallest building," she said. "You"re going to begin a small bit low to the ground therefore you have a net to record you. I"m continuously having actually to make selections that ns didn"t need to make before, in a ar where I know that if ns fall, there"s someone to capture me."