R. Kelly’s former girlfriend Joycelyn Savage says the singer urinated ~ above her during sex regardless of her protests and forced she to obtain abortions in ~ home.

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Joycelyn, who had actually been through Kelly’s side for the past several months, newly left the singer and also is speaking out around her experience.

In her recent posts, 24-year-old Savage reduce bombshells around her time through Kelly.

Savage defines two abortions she was forced to experience after becoming pregnant with Kelly’s baby. The allegedly compelled her to gain the actions done inside your home.

She first found out she to be pregnant in 2016. She wrote, “I realized i was pregnant by this monster. Eventually, I finished up gaining an abortion i was required to obtain the surgery done at his house. That didn’t desire me going to the hospital because news would certainly break out.”

Savage continued, “I preserved thinking come myself he just wants me to it is in safe, he wants the finest for me he thinks someone is walk to take me away from him. But it was me gift delusional why would someone insurance claim to love to save me locked up like some cursed animal.”

She would become pregnant again in 2018 and was required to have an additional abortion in the middle of his legit troubles.

She explained how Kelly prohibited she from calling the anything however “daddy” and “master.” One time she claims to have referred to as him “babe”, which caused him choke her until she happen out. She wake up up with significant bruises approximately her neck and also was told to hide the marks.

“I had bruises approximately my neck, and I was told through him to wear a turtle neck or a scarf to cover them up whenever he would certainly take me the end in public.. I was frightened come tell anyone around this because of what he might do next.”


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“The only time the would care for me is when the media is making the seem bad and saying that i was maintained for a hostage,” she said.

Savage said Kelly would certainly urinate ~ above her and others despite her pleading for him to stopShe said, “I’ve to be peed on countless of times i really didn’t want to to speak this but the truth needs to it is in heard.”

Savage cases she frequently saw Kelly with younger girls however she wasn’t enabled to speak to them.

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“I couldn’t talk to any of them until it to be my time I had to wait in mine room till rob was prepared for me or his assistant will come in get me. Ns was compelled to come the end of my room some days ns didn’t feel like being Roberts c-m rag or punching bag.”R. Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg released a statement accusing Savage of do the efforts to exploit the alleged child sex predator.

He said, “It is unfortunate that Jocelyn now seeks to make money by exploiting her lengthy time, loving connection with Robert. Clear if she were to tell the reality no one would pay for this reason she has, unfortunately, preferred to regurgitate the stories and also lies called by rather for she own an individual profit. We understand the actual facts, and also it to be not until the money ran out that she made decision anything was wrong. Hopefully civilization will see it because that the apparent profiteering the is.”

Savage shows up unbothered by Greenberg’s statement and has continued posting her story.