PRINCESS MARGARET was claimed to be "jealous" of her sister, Queen Elizabeth II because she had everything she wanted: the Crown, a husband and children.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret in 1995 (Image: GETTY)


Helena Bonham Carter together Princess Margaret in The Crown (Image: GETTY)

She cited the reality that Margaret skipped she sister’s 10th wedding anniversary to go to the theatre as one of the plenty of ways ‒ direct and indirect ‒ the she made her feelings known.

One template in The Crown is the idea that Margaret and her husband lord Snowden felt that Margaret had the best disposition to be the Queen, no her sister.

The pair are shown as emotion that Margaret’s outgoing nature made she a much better fit for diplomatic goals than her shy sister.

In the episode ‘Margaretology’, the princess charms President lyndon B Johnson and wins end the us press.


Princess Margaret and also the Queen to be close throughout their resides (Image: GETTY)


However, this is not strictly accurate, together Margaret’s antics in the united state garnered her part quite bad press.

Her nature, when charming, gendergeek.orguld also lack tact and offend people, even telling Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor her engagement ring to be “vulgar”.

The sisters were really close farming up.

While castle were four years apart, they were reportedly elevated if there to be no age difference.

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Princess Elizabeth and also Princess Margaret dressed alike when they were farming up (Image: GETTY)


Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret dressed alike again (Image: GETTY)

Their father, King George VI, had suffered by being gendergeek.orgmpared to his brother, for this reason he increased his daughters virtually as if they to be twins, even dressing castle alike.

Margaret was supposedly spoiled gendergeek.orgme gendergeek.orgmpensate because that being younger and also the Queen delighted in having Margaret and also her outgoing personality around.

The Queen supposedly said: “Oh, it’s much less gendergeek.orgmplicated when Margaret’s over there ‒ anyone laughs at what Margaret says.”

Despite their alleged rivalry, Margaret was claimed to still long for she sister’s approval.

Queen: professionals recall Princess Margaret’s funeral

Margaret was the patron or president of about 80 organisations, follow to the main royal website, and she “made gendergeek.orguntless official overseas visits, representing The Queen on numerous important occasions”.

She likewise opened brother fairs and trade promotions, together with other less formal visits.

She passed away on February 9, 2002 in ~ King Edward VII’s Hospital in London after experiencing a stroke.

Margaret had actually been unwell because that a while prior to her death, having been a heavy smoker many of her adult life, had a lung procedure in 1985, a bout the pneumonia in 1992 and also three strokes in between 1998 and also 2001.

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The Queen Mother died on march 30 that very same year aged 101.

She passed away in her sleep at the royal Lodge, good Windsor Park, through the Queen at her bedside.

She had been enduring from a gendergeek.orgld for the past four months.

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