Many people approximately the world are mourning the fatality of Prince Philip, the fight it out of Edinburgh. As the longest serving royal consort, Philip was a figurehead in a most people’s stays for countless decades. Currently that that is no much longer alive, fans room looking back on his relationships with various other members the the imperial family, specific Princess Diana. So, were Philip and Diana friendly? go Prince Philip even like Princess Diana?


Princess Diana and also Prince Philip | Tim Graham photograph Library via Getty Images

Prince Philip’s death

On Apr. 9th, news that Philip’s death was do public.

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“It is through deep sorrow the Her Majesty The Queen has actually announced the fatality of she beloved husband, His royal Highness The Prince Philip, fight it out of Edinburgh,” the royal family’s officialInstagramaccount announced.

“His imperial Highness passed far peacefully this morning in ~ Windsor Castle,” the short article continued. “The Royal family join with people about the people in mourning his loss. More announcements will be made in early out course.”

Prince Philip and also Princess Diana’s relationship

Though Diana had actually a bit of a tumultuous partnership with plenty of of the royals, Prince Philip do an extra initiative to welcome his new daughter-in-law right into the family.

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“When Diana first joined the imperial family, it was Philip who came to her aid, sitting next to her in ~ black-tie dinners and chatting to she while she learned to grasp the art of little talk,” an excerpt indigenous Ingrid Seward’s new book Prince Philip Revealed reads.

As she began to end up being discontent with royal life, Diana prospered closer to Philip.

“When (Diana) uncovered the constraints of royal life difficult, it was Philip who helped her,” the publication reads, follow to an excerpt from PEOPLE Royals. “Once she to be married, she never ever sat next to her husband; she was constantly sat next to Philip at the unlimited black-tie dinners, and also he took treatment of her.

Even together Princess Diana’s partnership with Prince Charles ventured into unsalvageable territory, Philip remained sympathetic come Diana.

“As the couple’s marriage began to crumble and her progressively erratic behaviour threatened the image of the monarchy, he tried again come help, setup up a highly an individual correspondence through her and explaining the he interpreted the difficulties of marrying into the imperial Family,” the book states.

Prince Philip tried to conserve Diana and also Charles’ marriage

When it ended up being clear that Charles was cheating top top Diana v Camilla, Duchess that Cornwall, Philip to be shocked and also offered sympathies to Diana.

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“We never dreamed he could feel choose leaving you for her,” Philip composed of his kid to Diana in a letter, follow to the book. “I can not imagine anyone in their appropriate mind leave you because that Camilla. Such a prospect never gotten in our heads.”

Philip even offered to assist Diana and Charles occupational on your marriage.

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“I can only repeat what I have said before,’” he wrote. “If invited, i will always do my utmost to help you and also Charles to the best of my ability. But I am quite ready come concede that I have no talent together a marital relationship counsellor!’”

Unfortunately, the friendship between them ended when Prince Philp asked Princess Diana come look right into herself to

see what could have resulted in Charles to go back to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The idea the Diana can have been the cause of the infidelity offended her and also ended their communication.

Their partnership remained fractured until Princess Diana’s fatality in 1997.

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