Thanks to Netflix's The Crown, everyone is a bonafide professional when it comes to the British royal Family. Even if it is it's your genealogy, your favorite drinks, the type of vacations they like to take, or every one of their potential romantic partners, the drama has actually pretty much come to be fact.

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Although the collection was heavily researched, TV reflects take great liberties once it concerns the construction of interesting narratives. So, a huge question fans of the present have is: go Prince Philip really cheat on Queen Elizabeth II? 

This is just one point of curiosity folks will be delving into in the wake up of his April 9, 2021 passing. At 99 years old, Philip had actually a storied life.

It can seem sordid to pry right into this question adhering to his recent death, however many space curious. 

Prince Philip is illustrated in Season 2 of The Crown as a recognized Lothario, regardless of being married. When Queen Elizabeth II is off taking treatment of her imperial duties, he's macking on other women. Even if it is it's while he's ~ above a naval cruise v his buddies, or v the dancer Galina Ulanova, the showrunners wanted world to think that Philip was much more than simply friends with several of these women.


In reality, Philip did build a reputation for gift a "ladies man," i m sorry showrunners have actually alluded to on several occasions. Remember just how he walk absolutely bonkers at the possibility to satisfy Jackie Onassis, the late john F. Kennedy's wife, when she visited Buckingham Palace?

Here's the thing, though: There's never been any type of documented evidence of Prince Philip's reported infidelity. There to be rumors that he had been romantically attached to a dancer through the surname of pat Kirkwood, a phase actress who had her legs defined by drama doubter Kenneth Tynan as "the eighth wonder of the world."


Sadly enough, the rumors about their work were disastrous to Pat's reputation, together the palace did not "quell" them, follow to The daily Beast. for years, the actress's occupational was defined by the gossip, however letters between the 2 that were discovered years later, reportedly included no language to imply that they were anything an ext than friends.

"Short of starting libel proceedings, over there is absolutely nothing to it is in done. Intrusion of privacy, invention and also false quotations space the bane of our existence," Philip reportedly said the the matter.

However, Pat apparently didn't find Philip's reticence for this reason endearing, saying, "A lady is not normally expected to protect her honor. The is the gentleman who should do that. I would certainly have had a happier and easier life if Prince Philip, rather of coming uninvited to mine dressing room, had gone home to his pregnant mam on the night in question." 


Writer buy it Bradford, who penned Elizabeth II: her Life in our Times, has no doubt that Philip is a cheater. "The duke of Edinburgh has had affairs ... Full-blown work and an ext than one. He has affairs and also the queen accepts it. I think she thinks that’s just how men are. He's never been one for chasing actresses. His attention is rather different. The females he goes for are always younger than him, commonly beautiful, and also highly aristocratic," she once said of his rumored infidelity. 

The Inside Buckingham Palace documentary the was exit in 2016 pointed come the circumstances neighboring the basis of The Crown's 2nd season: "Royal aids panicked as rumors grew around Philip having actually affairs. The affairs to be denied and there to be no evidence. Yet rumors persisted. Action was needed. In 1956 the queen to be advised come let Philip walk away on a lengthy overseas tour which must keep him the end of trouble."


Marie Claire likewise highlighted how countless depicted instances pertaining come Philip's involvement through public sex scandals were actually entirely wrong. Like the Profumo Affair, a 1960's dispute that connected several prominent and also wealthy males who would communicate in intercourse v recruited prostitutes. There's no evidence to imply Philip has ever been attached to the scandal or attended one of these notorious parties.

Then, there was his an alleged involvement with the Parker divorce scandal, in i beg your pardon both he and his personal secretary and also close friend, Michael Parker, were implicated in adulterous activities. The basis of this implication was a collection of letter that hinted at their sexual occupations outside of marriage in a group referred to as the Thursday Club. However, there's nothing to indicate that the letters were real. Michael and his wife Eileen go divorce in 1958, yet not because Philip was philandering in the Pacific.


There simply doesn't seem come be any type of definitive proof that Prince Philip ever before cheated on Queen Elizabeth II.

Mike Parker, Philip's longtime private secretary stated, "Philip has actually been one hundred percent faithful to the queen. No ifs, no buts."

Philip himself once had actually a response to a female reporter who as soon as asked him around the rumors, however.

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"Good God, woman. Have you ever before stopped to think the for years, I have never moved all over without a policeman accompanying me? So exactly how the hell could I acquire away v anything choose that?" he said, every The Independent.