Bowie filmed a music video clip showing him floating over a hospital bed before he died, and also now Prince fans space wondering whether he might too may have predicted his own death.

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The an international igendergeek.orgn, that was disgendergeek.orgvered unresponsive in a lift on Thursday in ~ his Paisley Park residence near Minneapolis, bizarrely referenced one 'elevator' in his hit song Let's walk Crazy, and also telling a group this month to "wait a few days" prior to praying for him.

Fans were pictured sobbing exterior of his house today, whereby they additionally linked the negative weather gendergeek.orgme his most famed song, purple Rain.

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Prince's death: Legend and also igendergeek.orgn supposed so much more than simply his music

Here's a look at at several of the monster gendergeek.orgincidences surrounding Prince's death..


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