President Obama did not get rid of the nationwide Day the Prayer or pray with Muslims ~ above Capitol Hill instead.

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Published14 December 2009

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This is OUR president at a MOSQUE prayer session critical WEEK at THE WHITE HOUSE, ~ above the site where the INAUGURATION is hosted every 4 years!

He canceled ours CHRISTIAN “NATIONAL work OF PRAYER”…Now. ..THIS.

For Obama to continue as our president is an humiliation TO OUR starting FATHERS!

This photograph does not show President Obama instead observing “Islamic Prayer Day” or engaging in a “mosque prayer session” at the White House. This photo of the president was taken at Istanbul’s Blue Mosque (where protocol dictates that visitors remove their shoes prior to entering), the national mosque the Turkey, throughout the cook executive’s two-day state visit to that nation in April 2009. (Another picture of the chairman removing his shoes can be watched here, and video clip of president Obama at the Blue Mosque deserve to be viewed here.)

Also, no nationwide “Islamic Prayer Day” is recognized or observed by the White House: someone has perplexed the separately organized prayer company held by Muslims on Capitol Hill in September 2009 v an official designated Islamic prayer day.

A in march 2012 variation of this item consisted of the cases that “Obama says we space no longer a Christian nation” and “Muslims celebrate a work of prayer in ~ the Capitol,” both the which room inaccurate. During a keynote attend to to a “Call come Renewal” conference top top 28 June 2006, what Barack Obama (then a senator indigenous Illinois) said in context was, “We room no longer simply a Christian nation”:

It to be the forbearers the the evangelicals that were the most adamant around not mingling federal government with religious, because they did not want state-sponsored religious beliefs hindering their capacity to exercise their faith as they taken it.

Moreover, provided the enhancing diversity that America’s population, the risks of sectarianism have actually never to be greater. Every little thing we as soon as were, we space no longer just a Christian nation; us are likewise a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a buddhism nation, a Hindu nation, and also a country of nonbelievers.

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Also, as noted above, no national “Islamic Prayer Day” is identified or observed by the White House: someone puzzled the separately organized prayer organization held by Muslims ~ above Capitol Hill in September 2009 (which chairman Obama did no attend) v an officially designated Islamic prayer day. Contrary to the e-mail i beg your pardon trumpets “HE PRAYED all DAY through THE MUSLIMS,” chairman Obama invested the work in Pittsburgh attending G-20 meetings.