Post Malone is famed for his many tattoos — most famously the ones the cover his face. They’re therefore famous, in fact, that you deserve to buy them as a set of short-lived tattoos online. But is the rapper about to shed his famed ink?



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Mark Wahlberg, of all people, appears to be the primary resource for this, revealing that he and also Post Malone questioned that topic of your tattoos recently. The i can not qualify pair space working with each other on the upcoming movie Spenser Confidential. The 48-year-old actor told James Corden about the conversation that took place, revealing that “maturity” and also “sensibility” brought about him to obtain his own tattoo removed.

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Wahlberg started having his ink removed for his duty in The Fighter, which came out in 2010, but admitted that it take it him much much longer than he originally suspected.

“It take it me 5 years to get the tattoos removed and also it’s dreadfully painful,” the said. “It’s like warm bacon grease getting flicked on you over and over and over again….I told Posty, it’s gonna it is in a most Bud lamp trying to obtain those points off you.”

“What did that say?” Corden asked.

“He states what every son says, what ns said once I obtained my tattoos. ‘Oh no, no, no, castle all have meaning. I’m walk to keep them forever.’ yet then girlfriend realize, I’m advertise 40, I’ve gotta carry out something around this,” Wahlberg replied. Apparently, due to the fact that they’ve talked, “he’s now due to the fact that added more to his face.”

Post Malone opened up up come GQ Style around his decision to get face tattoos recently.

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