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Ever due to the fact that Henry Ford"s version T automobile popularized automobiles in 1908, companies have worked tirelessly to design, manufacture, market, and sell brand-new and improved vehicle models. Unfortunately, some automobile brands connected with also the largest, many successful automobile manufacturers have been tested in terms of sales and have had actually to it is in discontinued. Whether it was out of financial necessity or the desire to streamline product lines, below are five auto brands that have stopped production.

Some automobile brands associated with also the largest, most successful vehicle manufacturers have actually been tested in terms of sales and have had actually to be discontinued.The Ford engine Company's Mercury brand and General Motors's Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, and Oldsmobile brands have all it is in discontinued.Since personal vehicles were developed in 1886, the car industry has faced different obstacles, from climbing fuel costs and also changes in consumer spending actions to raised volatility in raw products pricing.

Ford Mercury

Mercury is a brand the The Ford Motor company (F) that was in existence for 70 years. Ford ended the production of the model in the 4th quarter of 2010. Mercury to be originally developed to offer Ford customers a premium vehicle. However, the popularity and corresponding sales the Ford-branded vehicles had actually left the Mercury brand weak, with plenty of of its loyal customers electing to journey Ford models. Mercury"s market share had actually been flat or decreasing for years before its discontinuation, and also Ford Motor firm decided to emphasis its fist on the Ford brand and its personal luxury car unit, the Lincoln brand. Lincoln is among the top deluxe brands in the united States.


In February 2010, general Motors Co. (GM) announced it would be phasing out its Hummer brand after an unsuccessful attempt to sell the brand to a Chinese manufacturer. The Hummer automobile is a civilian design of a popular military vehicle, dubbed the Humvee, the is mainly used by the U.S. Military and gained widespread consumption during the Gulf war in 1991. In the direction of the end of the lifespan, the Hummer faced difficulties as consumers became more conscious about vehicle gas mileage. As consumers pressed for an ext fuel-efficient vehicles, basic Motors take it criticism from eco-friendly groups.

On January 30, 2020, basic Motors released a series of short teaser videos, revealing the return of the Hummer model. However, this time the vehicle will be recognized as the GMC Hummer EV and it will certainly consist of two models: an electric SUV and also a van sub-brand. The pickup truck will certainly be called the Hummer EV SUT, and also the SUV will certainly be called the Hummer EV SUV.


A brand of general Motors, Pontiac made vehicles and also muscle cars that identified an era, through legendary models such as the GTO and Trans Am. Though Pontiac was at once one the the top-selling brand in the unified States, its leadership was can not to devise a strategy that would permit the Pontiac brand to continue. In business because 1926, Pontiac was discontinued in April 2009.


General Motors stopped production that its Saturn brand in October 2009 after ~ a failed attend to the Penske Automotive Group. Saturn, through a vehicle line that had mostly tiny to mid-size cars, had actually been roughly since 1985 but was never profitable.

General motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009 and also was the recipient of a bailout– specifically a U.S. Federal government TARP loans–following the financial meltdown the 2008. Under scrutiny come pay back loans and become a sustainable corporation, basic Motors has actually been compelled to rationalization its brands and also focus ~ above the lines that have the most development potential.


Another general Motors brand, Oldsmobile was founded as the Olds engine Vehicle company in 1897. Oldsmobile came to be a part of basic Motors in 1908. Oldsmobile was the first brand come be produced with fully automatic transmissions, i beg your pardon debuted in the 1940 Hydra-Matic models. Competitive v both Chevrolet and also Ford, Oldsmobile's Cutlass collection became the best-selling vehicle in the United claims in 1976. Basic Motors shut down Oldsmobile in 2004 due to the fact that of its unprofitability.

The Bottom line

Since an individual vehicles were invented in 1886, the car industry has confronted different obstacles, from increasing fuel costs and changes in customer spending behavior to enhanced volatility in raw materials pricing. Together a result, the auto industry has actually been compelled to streamline its production at times in order come respond to together a dynamic organization climate.

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