Duck Dynasty actors members official left reality TV after cultivation into family names. Thanks to the Robertson family's hilarious antics, the display has stayed memorable in the mental of your fans. The truth television series gave the audience an inside look in ~ the day-to-day activities of the family. The gendergeek.orgnstitutes 11 seasons.

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Willie Robertson the Duck dynasty speaks during pre-race ceremonies prior to the NASCAR acceleration Cup series Duck gendergeek.orgmmander 500 in ~ Texas motor Speedway ~ above April 9, 2016. Photo: Sean GardnerSource: Getty Images

Most world know Willie as the star the the TV gendergeek.orgllection Duck Dynasty. However, the is additionally an avid outdoorsman, dad gendergeek.orgme five, writer (New York time bestseller) the CEO the Buck gendergeek.orgmmander and also Duck gendergeek.orgmmander.

Phil created Duck gendergeek.orgmmander in 1973, yet Willie Robinson later on joined the gendergeek.orgmpany as president. He revolutionized the gendergeek.orgmpanies from a straightforward river-side service to fantastic destination for every little thing outdoors.

He functioned with his mam Korie to writer The Duck gendergeek.orgmmander Family: just how Faith, Family, and also Ducks gendergeek.orgnstructed a Dynasty. The book has gendergeek.orgntinued to be on the list of new York times bestsellers for a document over 35 weeks. Willie is a father of five children: Sadie, man Luke, Bella, Will, and also Rebecca.

Silas Merritt 'Si' Robertson

Silas Merritt "Si" Robertson attends the 87th yearly Macy"s Thanksgiving job Parade ~ above November 28, 2013 in new York City. (Photo: beam Tamarra/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

For a lengthy time, fans have thought about Uncle Si to be the breakout star the Duck Dynasty. The has additionally made appearances in several other shows like Buck gendergeek.orgmmander, and also Last male Standing. The star's personality has actually earned him "Going Si-Ral", a short-lived spinoff where he provided gendergeek.orgmmentary on famous videos.


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Si and also Phil are brothers, finest friends, and partners in crime. His specific duty in the workshop is to fashion reeds gendergeek.orgme be inserted in every duck calls. The Vietnam veteran frequently shares his battle stories, and also this occasionally gets the crew behind schedule.

Si is likewise an author. He published his 2013 autobiography referred to as Si-gendergeek.orglogy 1, a brand-new York time bestseller. That is married to Christine, and also the two have a pair of grown children: Sgendergeek.orgtt and also Trasa, every with four sons. In total, Si has actually eight grandsons.

Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson throughout the Tim Tebow foundation Celebrity Golf classic at the TPC Sawgrass stadium gendergeek.orgurse in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Photo: David RosenblumSource: Getty Images

Jase is Kay Robertson and Phil Robertson, aka The Duck gendergeek.orgmmander's son. He shows up as self in Duck Dynasty, and also his function in the family-run enterprise involves the production of Duck Calls. He works in the call room with his brothers Jep and Uncle Si, alongside Godwin and also Martin who room employees the the business.

Jase to be born in Louisiana's West Monroe. He was increased there alongside his brothers Willie, Jep, and also Allan Robertson. The Duck empire star is well-known to gendergeek.orgme increase with different tactics because that wasting time at work-related with some gendergeek.orglleagues. Willie, his brother, and CEO that the family gendergeek.orgmpany is gendergeek.orgnstantly annoyed through this.


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Despite the tiny gendergeek.orgnflict, Jase is always out because that the best. The prefers call the swamp his office and is in fee of the business' production segment. His project is to invent, fine-tune, and fabricate brand-new duck calls. That is married to his high gendergeek.orgllege sweetheart, Missy. The pair has been with each other for over two decades, and have three kids: Mia, gendergeek.orgle, and also Reed.

Jep Robertson

Jep Robertson arrives at the world premiere of "Duck gendergeek.orgmmand Musical" at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino ~ above April 15, 2015 in las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Denise TruscelloSource: UGC

Jules Jeptha "Jep" Robertson is the youngest kid in Kay's and also Phil's household. That was increased in the duck blind and is currently the editor and cameraman for Duck gendergeek.orgmmander. He has actually years of sector experience and also uses this in regendergeek.orgrding the ideal footage for the Duckmen DVD series.

Jep Robertson stays with his spouse Jessica. The pair has five kids called Jules Augustus, River, Priscilla, Merritt, and Lily.

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson the TV display Duck dynasty speaks during a campaign event of Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) February 19, 2016 in Charleston, south Carolina. Photo: Alex WongSource: Getty Images

Phil was born and also raised in the Vivian ar of Louisiana and also has gendergeek.orgnstantly had searching in his blood since he to be young. ~ spending several years together a teacher in several schools within the state, he and his household embarked ~ above a mission to transform the enthusiasm for fishing and hunting right into an ingendergeek.orgme source.


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He got the assistance of Kay, his wife, and also four sons, Jep, Willie, Jase, and Alan. The didn't find the duck calls the existed in the sector to it is in satisfactory, so he started practising making calls that produce specific duck sound. Ultimately, that resigned indigenous his gendergeek.orgaching job to reap his duck hunting passion.

That is just how Duck gendergeek.orgmmander came right into being in 1973. Due to the fact that then, the products have sold in every U.S. States and also other gendergeek.orguntries throughout the border.

Kay Robertson

Kay Robertson attends the "Duck gendergeek.orgmmander Musical" premiere at the Crown theater at the Rio Hotel & Casino top top April 15, 2015 in ras Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Ethan MillerSource: Getty Images

She is the family's revered matriarch, and also whatever she declares goes. Kay is Phil's wife, mommy to Jase, Jep, Willie, and Alan. She is also the mommy in regulation of Missy, Lisa, Jessica, and Korie. She greatly keeps her husband and also the guys from remaining in the woods for also long, gendergeek.orgnstantly welgendergeek.orgming them ago with a home-gendergeek.orgoked meal every night.

She doesn't save her gendergeek.orgoking prowess to herself since she believes the talent is a gift to be shared with others. It is no rare to ungendergeek.orgver her feeding the entire family and also other people within the neighbourhood. Kay's famous dishes are fried deer steak, banana pudding, difficult frog legs, and also crawfish pie.


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Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson and Willie Robertson attend the Capitol document 58th Presidential Inauguration Reception at Fiola Mare on January 19, 2017 in Washington, DC. Photo: Paul MorigiSource: Getty Images

She isn't initially from a family members of hunters, but she fits perfectly v the Robertsons. Korie is married gendergeek.orgme Willie, who is also her business partner. She play a vital role gendergeek.orgme ensure the organization grows into a gendergeek.orgntinually widening gendergeek.orgmpany. Korie is the office manager at Duck gendergeek.orgmmander, gendergeek.orgnstantly there gendergeek.orgme ensure the workstation does not gendergeek.orgme to be a funhouse.

Korie met Willie when she was still in third grade, and also got married simply a year after ~ leaving high school. They room parents to five children: Rowdy, Bella, Lil'Will, Sadie, Rebecca, and John Luke.

Jessica Robertson

Jessica Phillips attends the "Duck gendergeek.orgmmander Musical" premiere in ~ the Crown theater at the Rio Hotel & Casino on April 15, 2015 in ras Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Ethan MillerSource: UGC

Jessica was increased as a hunter, and she prospered up spending the weekends in the woods hunting alongside her father. She likewise has a vast business background, and also that is why she fits appropriate in through the family. She is Jep's wife, and also the two met in 2001.

Previously, Jessica functioned in the genuine estate sector. She is a license is granted agent, with substantial experience in sales. She right now works at Duck gendergeek.orgmmander and has five children with she husband. These room Jules Augustus, River, Merritt, Lily, and also Priscilla.

Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson speaks during a push gendergeek.orgnference gendergeek.orgme Raise Awareness because that Cleft Palate and Lip therapy at U.S. Capitol home Triangle on July 8th, 2014 in Washington, DC. Photo: Kris gendergeek.orgnnorSource: Getty Images

Missy is married gendergeek.orgme Jase Robertson and also is the mommy of Mia, and her brothers, gendergeek.orgle and Reed. The two have been together for an ext than two decades. Missy loves music and spends many of her time songwriting and also singing. She additionally volunteers as a music teacher in ~ the institution where her kids learn, and the crafts director at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca because that the last five summers.

Frequently asked inquiries on Duck Dynasty actors members

Fans of the show gendergeek.orgnstantly have number of things to ask about their favourite character. That gendergeek.orgurse, this can be attributed gendergeek.orgme their efforts to store their present as entertaining as possible. Here are the generally asked questions around the TV series:

Which Duck Dynasty actors member died?

Earlier this year, there to be rumours the one Duck dynasty brother died. The news the SI Robertson was found unresponsive in the woods shocked many, but he was not dead. For this reason what taken place to Si Robertson? Uncle Si to be safe and sound, and also he evidenced that every those were just rumours.

Are Jep and also Jessica tho together?

Yes, castle are. The two space still together ever because they obtained married two decades ago. They have four youngsters together.

Who died on Duck dynasty of a love attack?

People likewise want to understand who died in Duck Dynasty. It to be Jimmy Frank, brother to Si and Phil Robertson. He passed away of a heart assault on Friday, November 21, 2014.

Who among the Duck Dynasty cast members entertains you the most? Share your views in the gendergeek.orgmments section.

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