PETE Davidson and Kaia Gerber have called it quits as he is supposedly "seeking treatments" weeks ~ joking around checking into rehab ~ above Saturday Night Live.

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This news comes a work after it was reported that the 2 were acquisition a break and also that the 26-year-old comedian was focusing on his mental health.

Pete and also Kaia were hot and also heavy for monthsCredit: Splash News

A resource close to the pair told page Six: "It looks like Pete and Kaia room over. The got really overwhelming because that Kaia.

"Pete has actually a certain M.O. And also he’s really intense to his girlfriends. Kaia is only 18 and it’s a many to deal with.”

They date for simply three months.

The couple was critical spotted in late December once Pete was viewed leaving Kaia's apartment moments after Cindy Crawford and also her husband had stepped external of your daughter's apartment to have actually a seemingly tense conversation.

Page Six had actually reported that Cindy looked worried and also shaken up while she listened to she husband supposedly talk around a conversation he had with Pete.

According come a witness, Kaia had actually been talk to her dad around a person upstairs who had actually "scratched eyes" and was "freaking out."

Pete later emerged from the apartment, spanning his confront with a hoodie, before the parental went back into the apartment building.


Kaia's friends and family were came to over the relationshipCredit: Getty - Contributor

Their breakup to be on the horizon after ~ multiple sources claimed that his psychological health and struggles through addiction were too lot for the young supermodel and a problem for she family and friends.

A source had apparently told E! News that Pete had actually checked himself into a "program" which had actually made it an overwhelming for the two to have any type of contact.

The same resource said Kaia, 18, "doesn't recognize if she wants to continue in your relationship," especially because she "wasn't comfortable through what she saw and also doesn't recognize if she can handle it.

Pete Davidson is apparently "seeking treatment" weeks after joking about checking into rehab ~ above Saturday Night LiveCredit: Splash News

The comedian and also model have reportedly damaged upCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

An insider said the publication: "It became very clear that he had actually to go and do this and couldn't wait any kind of longer.

"This is his second time seeking treatment, his very first being in 2016."

"What she saw happen with Pete was really concerning and scary for her... She cares around Pete and also wants that to obtain better. However their future is very much increase in the air."

Pete hasn't to be seen v the model due to the fact that DecemberCredit: 2019 Bobby Bank

Last month ~ above SNL, that made a joking recommendation to rehab, speak he was "going on 'vacation' but insurance pays for several of it, and they take her phone and also shoelaces. And also it expenses $100,000 however I still have roommates."

Pete has been open around his drug use and also mental wellness struggles in the previous – speak he's exhilaration pot due to the fact that age 16, adding: "I deserve to perform when I'm no high, however it wouldn't be that much fun for me."

He likewise told Marc Maron’s podcast that struggled v borderline personality disorder, and also in 2018, concerned fans with a post around suicidal thoughts prior to deleting Instagram.

Pete has been open around his drug use and also mental health struggles in the pastCredit: Getty - Contributor

The set It increase star, that briefly date Kate Beckinsale in 2019, formerly went to rehab in 2016 for drug addiction.

The comedian invested three months sober, but was report to have actually returned to smoking cigarettes weed.

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He said Howard Stern in 2018: "There was no method I can stop. Ns was like, somebody has to put me in a house where there is accurate nothing. I had too much access.

"I was sober for 3 months in ~ one suggest and was like this f***ing sucks. Ns don’t desire to feel favor this."