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House speaker Nancy Pelosi the Calif. Speaks prior to she signs the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and also Economic security (CARES) Act. (Associated Press)


Pelosi initially expressed concerns around technological, legal and also other issues on the idea of allowing members the the home to actors votes remotely.

But Pelosi has said she is open up to the idea, if concerns can be resolved, and backed a measure up that requires the residence study remote voting for its members.

Pelosi is a significant supporter that voters casting ballots through mail.

A Facebook write-up paints residence Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as hypocritical on voting.

An image with the write-up shows two photos that Pelosi.

One inscription reads: "Congress shall no vote remotely because it is not secure!" 

The other reads: "Americans should all vote for chairman by mail!"

The article itself says: "Yes she did speak them both."

Pelosi no utter one of two people of those quotes, follow to ours Google and also Nexis searches.

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Pelosi is a prominent supporter that letting voters actors ballots by mail — a procedure opposed by president Donald Trump, who insurance claims it is open to fraud. But this article mischaracterizes her stance on conference voting. 

The write-up was flagged as part of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and misinformation ~ above its News Feed. (Read an ext about our partnership with Facebook.)

In so late March, as the residence moved to pass a $2 sunshine stimulus package in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Pelosi to express reluctance about lawmakers poll remotely ~ above the package. But by May, she voted for a measure up that needs a home committee to study remote voting.

Initial reluctance

March 24, interviews:

On the idea of stop a remote poll on the $2 trillion stimulus, Pelosi told MSNBC: "There are serious constitutional, technological and security concerns around it. They deserve to be addressed, however for appropriate now, we"re just working an extremely hard to gain unanimous consent so we can acquire this invoice done, and also then consider what the choices are later."

In one interview with CNN moments later, she was even more terse, The Hill reported, saying it may be an choice in the future, however at the moment "we"re not prepared for (it)."