Since 2009, viewers have watched the Harrison family members (and Chumlee Russell) buy and sell sometimes-valuable and also sometimes-worthless artifacts out of their store, people Famous yellow & Silver, in las Vegas ~ above Pawn Stars. After buying the artifacts, the stars figure out even if it is or not the items they bid top top were in reality worth something.

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The show ended up being the #1 routine on the background Channel, and it combine negotiation v a background on the time duration from which some of the artefacts originate.

While Rick and Corey Harrison and Chumlee have actually been staples top top the display for 18 seasons, there have likewise been a slew of continual experts that come into the keep to tell the Pawn Stars themselves even if it is or not they made a smart purchase. One of these specialists is Rebecca Romney, that is well-versed ~ above old books, and also she's to be both the bearer of poor news and also the savior for the show's key cast. 


Rebecca was a fixture ~ above the series for multiple seasons, but she's been absent for number of years. 

Was Rebecca from Pawn Stars fired? find out whether the expert left the show on negative terms, and to find out what she's been up to since being ~ above the show.

Born and also raised in the las Vegas area, Rebecca was one of the longest running specialists on Pawn Stars — and she to be the just woman professional to be a continual on the show. She came to be a rare publications seller in 2007 at Bauman Rare publications in las Vegas, which was wherein she to be working when she to be hired to contribute to the show. She eventually ended up being the manager the the collection there. 

Her first appearance on Pawn Stars was in Season 4, i m sorry aired in 2011.

Upon marrying husband (and author) J.P. In 2016, Rebecca ended up being related by marital relationship to former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. 

After she wed J.P., she relocated come the Bauman Rare books in Philadelphia, i beg your pardon is where her husband is from. This defines why she appearances ~ above the show became less frequent. 

The two co-authored a book together in 2017, i beg your pardon is referred to as Printer's Error: Irreverent stories from book History.


The couple began a publication podcast with each other in 2016, Biblioclast, which it is long for around a year. 

From 2016 to 2019, Rebecca worked at love husband & Wax, another rare book company. Adhering to the conclusion of her time there, Rebecca began her own firm in 2020, form Punch Matrix. She now resides in the Washington D.C. Area. 

While it has been several seasons since Rebecca gave her professional opinion ~ above the books bought increase by world Famous gold & Silver, the bibliophile still has Pawn Stars expert noted under her LinkedIn page. The most likely reason because that her lack of presence on the present is since she has actually moved to the eastern coast, make it an overwhelming for she to go back to Las vegas to add to the show.

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If Rebecca was let walk from the show, she has actually not indicated so on she social media accounts. 

You can see the transaction go under on Pawn Stars, which airs ~ above Fridays at 8 p.m. On history Channel.

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