Paul Teutul Sr. Is by any way the star “yeller” at the American chopper series that illuminated the truth TV star together with his sons. That is the founder of the orange country choppers, i beg your pardon manufactures practice designed motorbikes.

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Inspired through the 70s movies, it was Paul Teutul who complied with his dreams into reality and also earned a extensive name and fame, through his abilities.

Discover an ext about the life and also death controversies the the great American entrepreneur and motorbike enthusiast. This write-up covers, and unties facts on the net worth that Paul Teutul, together with his family relationships, marriage and also death rumors come the worse.

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Who is Paul Teutul Sr.?

Paul Teutul Sr. (Paul john Teutul ) to be born in the suburbs of Yonkers, new York on might 1, 1949, and also was increased in Pearl River. The end of his hobby, Teutul started Orange country Ironworks for building custom bikes, together he saw in the movies. The movie that motivated him come its best is recognized to it is in “The Wild One and also Easy Rider.”

Moreover, Teutul is likewise known come sail together the member that the US merchant marines during the Vietnam War, but there room no traces so much for his company in the military, i beg your pardon still has questions ~ above his role aboard.


Paul Teutul Sr. From TV series, American Chopper

Apart indigenous the motorcycle business and the fact TV star, Paul is well-known for his tattoos and mustache, which does give a mesmerizing look to his giant musculature.


Paul Teutul Sr v her ex-wife Beth Ann Santos

Teutul married double in his life, Paula Teutul (1969–1995) and also Beth Ann Santos (2007-2015). With his previous wives, Teutul has three sons and a daughter. In ~ present, the 70-year-old charm is in residential life sharing with his lengthy term girlfriend, Joan Bulger/Kay.


Paul Teutul Sr. V his girlfriend, Joan Bulger/Kay.

What occurred to Paul Teutul Sr? Is the dead?

There have been rumors in the past about the fatality of the good Motorcycle enthusiast, yet piercing through all the rumors and hoaxes, Paul Teutul stand alive and well in ~ present. That is not dead however pretty lot alive and healthy.


Paul Teutul Sr is still alive and healthy

As one initiation the the hoaxes, a video appeared in Youtube with a streaming news screen and also giving the end the news that the fatality of the heroic Paul Teutul Sr, because of pancreatic cancer after gift hospitalized for a couple of days.

Meet Paul Teutul Jr. Wife Rachael Biester. Recognize His net Worth

But the youtube video was by far defended on the spot by the pendant of the legend, as check out in the YouTube comment by might Rodriguez:

“Just experienced him at the NY Auto display yesterday through his kid Mikey. The looked and talked quite damn great for a corpse.”

Rumors around Paul Teutul Sr Cancer.

There have been rumors around the Paul Teutul Sr. Having actually a disc pancreas, and the large guy apparently has cancer linked with it. However, together there are no confirmations and also verifications from official sources, it has remained only as a component of unconfirmed gossip. It could be the residuals the the video hoaxes that offered out one idea to the general mass come worry around their favourite TV star.

Moreover, throughout June 2011, some anonymous character posted in the almost classics forum around the fatality of Paul Teutul, which prospered into a tailing thread.

There additionally had been rumors on the fatality of the “mustache guy” in a bike accident in 2016 which likewise encircled the planet at once.

So Is Paul Teutul Sr. Dead or Alive?

Despite the fatality rumors and also hoaxes spread almost everywhere his years, the American bike enthusiast and also reality TV star is well and living as much as date. That is well-known to live a happy life riding motorbikes and also helping pets with his gorgeous long term girlfriend, Joan Bulger/Kay. It might be the end of his style or the power, yet the guy has actually a good taste in being approximately beauty through such one irresistible charm.

His mommy died

Paul Teutul Sr. Lost his mommy Helen at the period of 93, at the time once the compete rivalry of a dad to child in the series: American Chopper: an elderly vs. Junior to be burning the end the pleasance between the senior and small Paul Teutul. But the distressful news of his grandmother’s exit made Paul Teutul Jr. Speak to his father, and also utter a couple of wise words straight out of his heart.

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Paul Teutul Sr mommy Helen died at the period of 93

Despite this, the bitterness between the firstborn child of the great Teutul family and father Paul Teutul Sr. Didn’t watch a charming reconciliation.