Is it same to it is in worried around Patrick john Flueger after see the Chicago PD season 5 loss finale ~ above NBC? for sure so. You don’t check out a story finish in the means that this one did and also not feel a small bit pertained to over even if it is or not the demonstrate is done on the show.

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For the moment being, here is the great news: Adam Ruzek was not killed off at the end of the episode. In the closing minute we experienced Ruzek being carried to Voight by Olinsky, and Voight approached him surrounded by white light. We’d say that it was almost an angelic method … in an point of view of fatality sort the way.

If Chicago PD were to kill off Ruzek, wouldn’t they have actually just excellent it in the closing seconds tonight? We favor to think so, yet we additionally think that this story is for this reason much an ext interesting if Ruzek lives and also if he and Intelligence need to work their means through this mess. All Ruzek needs to do is describe that he chose to not implicate Voight everywhere near as lot as he might have, and he make the decision no to sell him out. If that has enough time to market an explanation, that should be able to spare himself some of Voight’s wrath – that is if Voight trusts what Ruzek needs to say. As angry and also as attention of a human as Hank is, he needs to be at least reasonably sympathetic to the idea that Woods to be threatening Ruzek’s sister and putting himself in peril. Adam didn’t assist Woods knowing that it could lead to the finish of his time as an officer, and also was willing to do the sacrifice because that Voight.

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Doesn’t all of this basically lend chin perfectly to the idea the Ruzek being spared? We favor to think so, and also we’ve already had too numerous hiatuses the Patrick john Flueger ~ above the show as the is. We have no idea just how in the world his personality is going to do it to the end of the season both alive and also employed through the Chicago Police Department, but component of the fun right here is walking to it is in figuring the out. The exact same goes for seeing if Voight is walk to be able to take down Woods, who doesn’t seem ready to prevent what he’s up to until he achieves his end goal that stopping knowledge dead in the tracks.

What do you want to see coming up for Ruzek top top Chicago PD? Be certain to share some of your thoughts on the subject below!

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