PARIS Hilton claims she was “tortured” and also “bullied” at a Utah boarding college after she parents sent her over there in an effort to control her teenage behavior.

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The socialite’s documentary, This is Paris, aired on her YouTube channel ~ above September 14, 2021.


Paris Hilton discusses what she go through during high college in her documentaryCredit: YouTube/ParisHilton

What happened to Paris Hilton in ~ the Provo congregate care facility?

Paris speak to People and opened up about her time at Provo Canyon boarding college in Utah and also her experience of allegedly enduring years that violence. 

In the interview, she stated that her parents sent out her away when they establish they might no longer manage her actions as a teenager.

Paris insurance claims her parental did not understand the treatment she to be enduring as staff would apparently rip increase letters and also end phone call calls, informing students the "no one would think them."

“It was claimed to be a school, yet were not the emphasis at all," she said the publication.





"From the minute I wake up up until I saw bed, that was all day screaming in mine face, yelling at me, constant torture."

She claimed: "The staff would say disastrous things. They were constantly making me feel bad about myself and also bully me. I think that was their goal to break united state down.

"And they were physically abusive, hitting and strangling us. They want to instill are afraid in the youngsters so we’d be too scared come disobey them."

Paris alleged the the boarding college staff used solitary confinement for approximately 20 hrs a day.

"You couldn't trust anyone," she said, admitting she cried every day and also battled panic attacks.

Provo might not carry out a comment about Paris' cases as lock issued a statement to human being saying: “Originally opened up in 1971, Provo Canyon school was offered by that previous ownership in august 2000. We thus cannot talk about the to work or patience experience prior to this time.”

On October 20, 2021, Paris attended a Washington DC event with lawmakers and rights supporters to beg because that reform in congregate-child treatment facilities.

She urged members of Congress and also President Joe Biden to happen the Accountability because that Congregate treatment Act into law, which would aim to safeguard care on a nationwide level.

Speaking at the us Capitol top top Wednesday, Paris described how she still battles to sleep because of post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder she suffered after safety time in the boarding school.

She has likewise testified to adjust the law in Utah and also wrote one op-ed call for national reform in the Washington Post.

"I wish I can tell you the what I proficient was distinct or even rare - however sadly it's not," she said in a speech on Wednesday.

"Every work in America, kids in congregate care settings space being physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Kids are even dying in ~ the hands of those responsible for their care," Paris added.

Where did Paris Hilton go to high school?

Paris invested her freshman year the high college in 1995 in ~ the Marywood-Palm Valley institution in Rancho Mirage, California.

At 15, she adjusted schools and began attending the skilled Children's institution in brand-new York City. 

She thrived up in the  Waldorf Astoria Hotel v her parents, Rick and also Kathy Hilton, and also younger siblings: Nicky, 36, Barron, 30, and Conrad, 26.

Paris claims she would sneak out to clubs as a teenager and also any punishment by she parents - including taking away her phone or credit cards - had actually no effect.

In an initiative to manage her behavior, she was sent by she parents to finish high school at the Provo Canyon School. 

She left Provo when she rotate 18-years-old and also then attended the Dwight School before dropping the end a few months later.

How have the right to I watch the documentary? 

The documentary to be released top top Paris’ YouTube channel top top September 14.

It is totally free to stream for anyone top top the website.

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She released a clip from the documentary to her Instagram page, whereby she says: "No one really knows who I am.

"Something occurred in my childhood that I've never talked about with anyone. I still have actually nightmares about it."

She captioned the post: "Sneak top of my new documentary