The Office: 15 crazy Secrets about Jim & Pam’s Relationship below are part crazy secrets about Jim and Pam"s relationship that will help fans relive fond memory of the beloved sitcom The Office.

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Three images of Jim and Pam in different scens the The Office
Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) are some of the most beloved onscreen couples in TV history after certification in the rectal sitcom The Office. Enthralled Office fans adhered to the romance of Jim and Pam native the start when Pam was still engaged to Roy. Eventually, Pam and also Jim couldn"t neglect their feelings for each other any type of longer and also the rest is history.

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The pair went through a lot end nine seasons, including a stormy patch in season 9 once Jim took a 2nd job in Philadelphia. But nothing might keep these 2 from each other. Through the end of the series, the pair moved their family members to Austin, Texas, so the Jim might start a new job and their family might start a brand-new life. And while pan think they understand Jim and Pam, there room a couple of secrets that get swept under the rug.

Updated on September 13, 2021, by Lynn Gibbs: Jim and Pam room everyone"s favorite couple from The Office. From their endearing friendship in season 1 to their life together husband, wife, mom, and also dad in season 9 — this couple has been with a lot in the past nine seasons. They acquired through different relationships, brand-new jobs, and found a means to store it expert at the office without making others feel uncomfortable. Along the way, these two became a prominent part of Dunder Mifflin through their relationship being an ongoing storyline in the series. However, over there are always a few underlying secrets that pan don"t catch about their popular union. 

Jim and Pam top top The Office
Jenna Fischer caused a stir when she mutual the an enig to she onscreen chemistry with Office co-star john Krasinski, throughout an illustration on Watch What happens Live v Andy Cohen. Responding come a caller that wanted to recognize if the co-stars were close in actual life or whether your onscreen link was only just good acting, Fischer claimed the an enig of her onscreen chemistry with Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert, was that they to be "genuinely in love" with each various other in genuine life.

However, v both Fischer and Krasinski being married to various other people, she concluded the she and also Krasinski would always remain close to every other due to the fact that she pertained to her co-star together a "type the spouse" due to their special onscreen relationship.

Pam and also Jim in ~ Michael and Jan's dinner party
Things got awkward work after Fischer told Andy Cohen that her onscreen chemistry with Krasinski was as result of the reality that they to be "genuinely in love through one another." while fans debated the implications of what they required to be a confession of a real-life romantic relationship, Krasinski insisted in one interview with The daily Beast that the media had misquoted Fischer.

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Krasinski has actually made romantic quotes, as Jim, to Pam before but this was not one of them. According to Krasinski, Fischer was just trying to say the they had a sincere and also close relationship. He claimed that back it was an respect to have developed a close partnership with Fischer, it to be inaccurate come say the they "were genuinely in love.” He said it to be unfortunate the the media insanity misconstrued Fischer’s words.

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski together Jim and also Pam in The Office
The Office executive, management producer Greg Daniels revealed to TV Guide in 2013 that he had considered casting a black actress and also actor for Pam and Roy. Follow to Daniels, he had actually originally planned come "Americanize" Jim and Pam"s relationship by casting Craig Robinson (Darryl) together Roy and Erica Vittina Phillips (who eventually played Darryl"s ex-wife) as Pam. The Office would certainly be various if it were made today but it would have been incredibly various with various actors native the start.

Daniels abandoned the arrangement to have Erica Vittina Phillips pat Pam after ~ Fischer auditioned for Pam, as he determined she was the best fit for the role. Daniels said TV Guide that he never had actually a factor to regret his last decision to cast Fischer and Krasinski together Pam and Jim. The insisted the Fischer turned out to it is in a perfect fit because that the role of Pam.

12 Krasinski nearly Lost The part Of Jim to Adam Scott and Pam Was practically Played through Kathryn Hahn

A split image of Jim indigenous The Office in a confessional and also Ben from Parks and Rec in ~ work
man Krasinski and also Jenna Fischer ended up in the duties of Jim and Pam against all odds. Comment to the media by multiple inside sources, including Daniels, display that the roles could easily have actually gone to several other actors and actresses

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Parks and also Recreation star Adam Scott auditioned for the component of Jim Halpert, follow to The Office Journal, and was almost cast in the role. Follow to Uproxx, Scott had actually the finest chance of being cast since Krasinski"s audition did not go well. Krasinski to be actually supposed to check out for the part of Dwight Schrute, yet he regulated to to convince the director to enable him to review for Jim. Kathryn Hahn to be seriously considered for the role of Pam and also Angela Kinsey was likewise considered for the role before she was actors as Angela!

executive producer Greg Daniels revealed throughout a may 2013 interview through TV Guide that one of the significant Office spinoff proposals that they had on the table was a Jim and Pam family members show. However, the former executive producer Michael Schur revealed the the idea was ultimately shelved due to involves that it could hurt The Office, which remained in season 4 in ~ the time.

There were a couple of other spinoff concepts for The Office, one, in particular, would certainly have featured Ed Helms" Andy Bernard together the dad that a family and also Catherine Tate (Nellie Bertram) as the mom. Craig Robinson and Rainn Wilson were likewise considered because that their own shows together Darryl Philbin and Dwight Schrute respectively.

10 Fischer cried Tears Of happiness When She Learned Krasinski Was playing Jim

during an appearance in an episode of The Jeff Probst Show in 2013, Fischer talked around her interaction with Krasinski during the last round of auditioning that involved eight actors. She recalled in her book The Actor’s Life: A survive Guide (2017) the the chemistry between her and Krasinski was already apparent in ~ the time. She recalled the he whispered come her throughout the auditioning that she to be his favorite and that he hoped she would acquire the role.

When Fischer ultimately got the role, the an initial question she asked was whether Krasinski also got the duty of Jim Halpert. Fischer stated she to be elated and also cried tears of happiness when she learned the Krasinski would be her co-star, and also the begin of Jim and Pam"s connection timeline began.

Jim Halpert"s an initial kiss v Pam Beesly in The Office season 2 finale "Casino Night," was one of the most viewed scenes and Krasinski"s first-ever onscreen kiss, follow to Entertainment Weekly. However, Krasinski was reportedly shy about the reality that it was his very first onscreen kiss, so when Fischer inquiry him about it, that lied around it at first. Yet Fischer to be open around the reality that the kiss was her very first on-screen kiss.

According come Today, the kiss to be the culmination that two periods of onscreen flirting in between Pam and Jim, as well as an intensifying off-screen connection between the two co-stars since they very first met while auditioning because that their roles in the TV show.

8 Fischer "Felt Transported right into A brand-new Reality" throughout Jim and Pam"s very first Kiss Scene

Fischer revealed in her publication The Actor’s Life: A survive Guide, that she would never ever forget her very first onscreen kiss with Krasinski. Fischer noted that after director Ken Kwapis gave instructions for the scene and walked away, she "felt fully transported into a new reality."

She created that in the minute after the kiss, the crew and also the whole actors knew the they had just filmed among the most iconic first kisses in TV history. The moment was among Pam"s more badass moments because she adhered to her feelings and also kissed her best friend regardless of the consequences.

The replica that a Merritt Parkway rest prevent that was constructed for Jim and also Pam"s gas terminal proposal scene expense $250,000, according to executive, management producer Greg Daniels. Fischer and Angela Kinsey likewise talked around the engagement on their podcast, The Office Ladies. They were willing to commit so many resources to the scene because it to be the to mark of their 5 years of storytelling, Daniels added.

According to the Washington Post, the scene was claimed to take place in the rain at a gas station based on an yes, really rest stop on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. Manager Paul Feig and the cast flew come the eastern Coat because that the shooting, yet when they uncovered that it would expense $100,000 and that they would not be enabled to usage their vast rain machines, castle flew earlier with the film crew come Los Angeles.

6 Fischer preserved The Engagement Ring Jim provided To Pam

follow to BuzzFeed, Fischer preserved the engagement ring that Jim offered to Pam. She retained the ring together a souvenir and also allegedly wore the in public after ~ the series ended. Fans declared that she wore the $5,000 ring throughout multiple TV appearances.

However, Fischer took to Twitter in 2017 to refuse rumors that the ring was worth around $5,000. She admitted she was keeping the ring, but insisted it was just a silver prop ring no worth $5,000. She additionally denied claims that she was watched wearing it in public, as she insisted the she did not "wear the in actual life."

Jenna Fischer was pregnant in actual life throughout Season 8 the the show. She on-screen personality Pam was likewise pregnant during season 8 of the show, yet the producers had actually not foreseen the Pam’s second on-screen pregnancy would certainly coincide with Fischer"s real-life first pregnancy. However, the coincidence to be welcomed

Fischer"s transformation of Pam was imperative for her character"s expansion and included depth come her partnership with Jim. According to Celebrity Babies, Fischer publicly announced in may 2011 that she to be expecting her an initial baby with her husband Lee Kirk. Once fans later on learned the the season 8 plot the Fischer"s on-screen marital relationship to Jim Halpert would involve a second pregnancy, plenty of assumed that the producers chose to run the pregnancy story after they learned that Fischer was pregnant in genuine life. However, it was later confirmed that the writers had planned the plot twist prior to they learned the Fischer was pregnant and expecting a baby.

4 Pam"s Consultant In "The Delivery" was Fischer"s Real-Life Husband Lee Kirk

Pam Beesly gave birth come her very first child in the two-part season 6 episode of The Office title "The Delivery." Pam had difficulties breastfeeding she baby, Cecelia Halpert, for this reason she dubbed a lactation professional to her hospital room. Jim did no hide his disapproval once the male lactation specialist touched Pam together he do the efforts to present her just how to correctly breastfeed she baby.

While fans felt sad the Pam was struggling, others realized that the masculine actor that played the role of the lactation specialist to be in fact Fischer"s real-life husband, Lee Kirk. Kirk and also Fischer were married in July 2010, around a week after Krasinski married Emily Blunt. The wedding, i beg your pardon took ar in Malibu, was attended by countless of your Office co-stars. They have two children, Weston and Harper.

according to Ranker, some fans declared there to be plenty of proof that Jim to be a villain and also cheated ~ above Pam. A famous fan theory insists the the documentary crew aided Jim cover up his cheating since the producers want to focus only top top the storyline that associated his swoon-worthy connection with Pam.

According to the fan theory, Jim admitted he cheated top top Pam throughout the last illustration of The Office title "Finale." as soon as Pam was asked during the Q&A session why she quit trusting Jim, he showed up to hastily cut her off. He then addressed the inquiry evasively and also declared the whatever troubles existed between them was his fault. He added that the movie editors cure Pam unfair by reflecting him in a better light.

2 ...But Pam might Have Cheated ~ above Jim Too

one more popular fan concept on Reddit claims the Pam might have cheated on Jim with among the members the the documentary crew when Jim to be acting favor a jerk, the boom mic operator Brian. Brian entered into the shot because that the very first time once he came forward to lull Pam as she cried following an dispute with Jim throughout the season 9 episode of the present titled "Customer Loyalty." The illustration was the first time the the display revealed any kind of of The Office documentary crew.

Brian"s intervention happened at a time the Pam and Jim"s marriage relationship was under strain after he started working part-time in Philadelphia. Many fans believed that there appeared to be an emotional connection in between Pam and Brian and also felt convinced that the display purposefully hinted that Pam might have to be cheating on Jim v Brian.

after ~ The Office finished in 2013, Krasinski relocated on to various other projects. More notably, the wrote, directed, and co-starred v his mam Emily dull in the horror movie, A Quiet Place. The movie is about a household forced to live in silence to stop being detected by creatures the hunt through sound.

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The Office fans noticed a particular scene in A Quiet ar that to be eerily reminiscent of an lover Jim and also Pam minute in The Office. In the swoon-worthy scene from season 2, Jim and also Pam cutely mutual headphones. According to Mashable, The step in A Quiet Place whereby Lee (Krasinski) shared headphones with Evelyn (Blunt) appeared to it is in a remake of The Office scene. However, while Jim and also Pam mutual headphones as a sweet gesture the their arising romantic connection, Lee and Evelyn common headphones to avoid being detected.