— -- Model/actor Nyle DiMarco winner season 22 the “Dancing v the Stars” tonight, beating the end UFC fighter Paige VanZant and “GMA” meteorologist Ginger Zee to take it the desire mirror sphere trophy.

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DiMarco jumped once the results were revealed prior to being conveniently engulfed in hugs native supporters and also his pro partner, Peta Murgatroyd.

“This is together an exceptional feeling. This entirety thing has been so incredible,” she said, including that it to be all because of DiMarco.

Show co-host Tom Bergeron handed the pair the mirror round trophy, and DiMarco beamed and hugged him.

VanZant come in second, and also she said Bergeron that she was happy to have actually been a component of the show.

“I’m gendergeek.orging come remember that forever,” she said.

Zee took third place. She thanked she pro partner for making her a meteorologist who can dance.

“I’m just so grateful for the chance to be below ...,” Zee said, including that she really hopes viewers saw her example and also realized “that you can be much more than one thing.”

The finale started with 2 performances last night, finishing with VanZant leading in judges’ scores, followed by Zee and then DiMarco.

The three each had to do a third routine this evening – the 24-hour fusion an obstacle dance – in which they fused two contrasting style of dance into one regime with only a job of preparation. VanZant score the greatest in this round, adhered to by DiMarco and then Zee.

The judges’ scores and also viewer votes from the last week and also this week were combined.

Check the end Nyle DiMarco’s entire ‘DWTS’ journey and also watch his season 22 dances.


The finalists each gave an encore of one of their breakout routines from previously on in the season, climate later yielded their 24-hour fusion challenges.

Ginger Zee: Zee let gendergeek.org a part of the choreography in her Argentine tangendergeek.org/foxtrot with partner Val Chmerkovskiy, yet she recovered quickly and also the 3 judges commended she for keeping her composure. Carrie Ann Inaba claimed Zee to be “a beautiful dancer.” Zee earned 3 9s, because that 27 out of a possible 30 points.

Nyle DiMarco: Judges gave DiMarco three 10s -– for a perfect score that 30 -- for his smooth cha-cha/tangendergeek.org combination dance v Murgatroyd. Referee Bruno Tonioli said DiMarco, who is deaf, had spoken “so eloquently in our language the dance.” Head referee Len gendergeek.orgodman said DiMarco verified that “the only boundaries are the one we put on ourselves,” and also Inaba brought DiMarco to tears as soon as she addressed him in American sign Language. As soon as Bergeron asked her what she said, she replied: “I claimed ‘thank you for showing us your beautiful heart as soon as you dance. So give thanks to you.’”

Paige VanZant: VanZant gendergeek.orgt a perfect 30 because that her blend jive/salsa with pro partner note Ballas. gendergeek.orgodman stated if the completion were “judged solely on dance, she the one come beat.”

The season started in March through 12 celebrities in the running. Weekly eliminations narrowed the field to the last three.

Zee, 35, began out moderately strong and continued to blossom, walking on come win regular praise indigenous the 3 judges for her dance capability as well as her run floor charisma. Zee earn the first perfect score of the season. During rehearsals last week Zee, a brand-new mother, hurt her pelvis but was may be to perform all her routines in spite of feeling pain.

VanZant, 22, had actually dance training as a child and it verified in her technique and high-scoring performances, however judges have actually praised she throughout the season for enabling her vulnerability to show, informing her she has only continued to improve.

DiMarco, 27, became very early fan favorite. Regardless of being deaf and unable to either hear music or feel its vibrations, the “America’s next Top Model” winner wowed the judges v his eloquent delivery and continuously boosting technical skill.

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Tonight’s finale featured live performances native Pitbull, 5th Harmony, Aloe Blacc, Dan + Shay and also Fleur East. Eight the the nine stars who were eliminated throughout the season – Wanya Morris, Antonio Brown, Von Miller, Marla Maples, Kim Fields, Jodie Sweetin, Doug Flutie and also Geraldo Rivera – went back to the ballroom come perform throughout the two-hour show.

Chmerkovskiy and his “Dancing” pro alum brother, Maks, also offered a preview of your upcoming run tour, “Maks and also Val Live top top Tour: ours Way.”