John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have been friends for a really long time. Of course, the duo play the leads in the top movie Grease in 1978, and also they’ve been making news together ever before since. It appears logical that the 2 on-screen lovebirds would day in actual life. Alas, they have not, and also the death <…>


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John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have actually been friends for a an extremely long time. The course, the duo played the leader in the top movie Grease in 1978, and also they’ve to be making news together ever before since. It seems logical the the 2 on-screen lovebirds would day in genuine life. Alas, they have not, and also the fatality of Travolta’s girl friend Diana Hyland can explain why.

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When Travolta and Newton-John starred in Grease, both to be riding job highs. Newton-John’s nation music career to be exploding and Travolta’s first major film, Saturday Night Fever had come to be one the the many successful movie of all time in 1977. Both actors to be young and also beautiful and the envy of human being worldwide. So what did save them from dating?

Travolta to be on a role professionally

Sadly, it might have been a tragedy. Despite every one of Travolta’s experienced success, his an individual life was a various story. Travolta first shot come stardom together Vinnie barbarino on Welcome earlier Kotter. His success as one of the “Sweat Hogs” brought about a starring role in the TV movie, The boy in the Plastic Bubble. It’s a movie the seared right into the memory of Gen Xers, who most likely don’t mental the plot yet definitely mental the vision that Travolta’s character grounding in a plastic bubble due to the fact that of his compromised immune system. It’s an enduring moment in TV history.

Something rather Gen Xers might not remember about the movie: john Travolta began dating the actress who played his mother in the film, Diana Hyland. Hyland likewise starred in one of the top sitcoms of the day, Eight Is Enough, play the mother of the rambunctious family. When Travolta and also Hyland’s partnership was a little controversial at the moment — together she to be 18 years older 보다 the up-and-coming superstar — age couldn’t avoid love. There is no doubt they loved every other.

His an individual life, however, was lot harder

In an interview through People in 1977, after Hyland’s death, Travolta revealed the she died in his arms. Hyland’s cancer take it a destructive turn together Travolta to be in new York shooting Saturday Night Fever. The day prior to she died, he flew earlier to LA, knowing the end was near. They spent a day together and also the next day, Hyland passed far in Travolta’s arms. “I feel the breath go out of her,” Travolta said the magazine. Mainly later, production on Grease began.

Were over there sparks between Olivia Newton-John and also John Travolta?

Which bring us back to Olivia Newton-John. The Australian singer and also actress has actually admitted there may have actually been something in between her and John Travolta. Newton-John commented on the No Filter podcast that it to be for the ideal — both professionally and also personally. Newton-John explained, “I think it was good, since I think it maintained the tension there and the chemistry. It could have been a genuine disaster had actually we made decision to day or we had actually a falling out or something. So i think it was just also that the didn’t happen. But we’re still an excellent friends.”

John Travolta and also Olivia Newton-John remain good friends come this day, and also despite the tabloids taking weird shots in ~ them, they space still simply that. Travolta has been happily married to actress Kelly reputation for almost 30 year now. Together, they have three children, though tragedy struck again for the actor once his kid passed far in 2009 at age 16. Newton-John been married because 2008 come businessman man Easterling.

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Travolta hasn’t talked much around that time in his life, understandably, and as in most relationships, there space likely plenty of factors that entered Travolta and also Newton-John keeping theirs platonic.