Among the world interviewed is retirement LAPD officer and also former Simpson household friend Ron Shipp, that testified versus O.J. During his criminal trial.

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Experts in the brand-new Investigation DiscoverydocuseriesIs O.J. Innocent? The lacking Evidencecontinued to examine a theory in Monday’s 3rd andfourth installments that O.J. Simpson’s boy Jason may have actually killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

The six-part true-crime collection premieredSunday and also wasted no time introducing an alternateversion that June 12, 1994, to the one the gripped the country following the double homicide.

Narrated by young name Sheen, the latest episodes,“Person the Interest” and also “About the Alibi,” revolve around LAPD forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie, Rhode Island police Sgt. Derrick Levasseur and Dallas-based private investigator wilhelm Dear analyzing Dear’s Jason theory.

In the third episode, among the hints Dear (author the O.J. Is Innocent and also I have the right to Prove It) said he had obtained are newspaper he insurance claims belonged come Jason.

The investigators consulted with a handwriting expert and also a forensic psychologist in an effort to shot and confirm that filled the end the notebooks and also what the person can be capable of law if they had actually the fury that’s suggested in the writing. The law-enforcement experts likewise went end a videotaped deposition that Jason provided when his dad was sue by the Goldman family following his acquittal.

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Among the people interviewed in “Person the Interest” is retirement LAPD officer and former Simpson household friend Ron Shipp, that testifiedagainst O.J. Throughout his criminal trial.

Shippwas adamant O.J. Was the perpetrator behind the doublehomicide and tells the series’ investigators there to be no require for the police come look into Jason as a suspect.

“How much proof of Jason do you watch at the scene? just how much evidence of Jason carry out you view at the Bronco? exactly how much evidence of Jason carry out you view at Rockingham ? Zero,” saidShipp.

The investigators also interviewed a previous employer of Jason’s and a criminal-defense investigator who functioned with the “Dream Team” in an attempt to better understand the topic of Dear’s theory.

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In “About the Alibi,” the investigatorstried to reach Jason by phone, however are unsuccessful. They also looked right into where Jason to be the night that the killing and try to determine if Dear’s concept is sound.


“Seeing this really humanizedJason for me,” beganMohandie. “It may just be the psychologist in me talking, but it make it an extremely real the what we’re doing below is we’re looking in ~ a human being who’s in our civilization right now, just trying to gain by. And also yeah, he may be aloof and reclusive, however think around it: His dad is in jail . He shed a woman who he cared about. Because that me, it carried it home that we far better be bland careful about where we’re going with this because this is a human being who is simply trying come live life.”

The investigation Discoverydocuseries concludes Tuesday through “The Charlie Theory” and “What yes, really Happened.”