Nicole Brown Simpson to be married to former NFL star O.J. Simpson, who was charged with murdering her and a friend at she L.A. House on June 12, 1994.

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Who was Nicole Brown Simpson?

Nicole Brown Simpson married previous NFL great O.J. Simpson in 1985, however filed because that divorce in 1992. ~ above June 13, 1994, Nicole and also her friend Ron Goldman were uncovered brutally murdered exterior of her Los Angeles home, with her ex-husband quickly ending up being the element suspect. Simpson was acquitted in a criminal attempt in October 1995, despite he was later found liable because that the deaths in polite court.

Early Years

Brown to be born in Frankfurt, West Germany, on may 19, 1959. Her German mother, Juditha, had actually met husband Louis when he was stationed there together a correspondent for the American armed forces publication Stars and Stripes.

The couple initially collection up life in Frankfurt, where the Browns had two girls, Denise and Nicole. While their daughters to be still toddlers, the family moved come the unified States, stable in a residence in Garden Grove, California. There, the Browns had actually two an ext daughters, Dominique and Tanya.

Brown had no difficulty adjusting to California life. The blonde beauty gravitated toward the beach together a young teen, and was named homecoming princess at Dana Hills High School.

Life with Simpson

By the period of 18, Brown had started working as a waitress in ~ the Daisy, an upscale Beverly Hills club. It to be there the she met Simpson, who to be married in ~ the time and in the waning year of a room of call football career.

By all accounts, the two easily fell because that each other and also soon started dating. Simpson divorce his an initial wife in 1979, and in 1985 he and also Brown were married in ~ his palatial home in the tony Los Angeles ar of Brentwood. The year, the pair welcomed a daughter, Sydney, and three year later, they had actually a son named Justin.

Brown was reportedly a committed mother. She eschewed nannies, insisted on acquisition her kids to dance and also karate lessons and welcomed household into her home for holiday events and also birthday parties. Along with her familial duties, Brown started a tiny interior decorating business.



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her marriage, however, was much from serene. Simpson wasn't just unfaithful, he was abusive. Friends and also relatives would later recount see bruises on Brown's body. Over there were countless incidents, consisting of the 1989 brand-new Year's night party in i m sorry the former football player allegedly threatened to death her. The pleaded no dispute to spousal battery, but suffered small in the method of consequences.

Finally, in 1992, after year of abuse and also philandering by her husband, Brown filed for divorce.


Newly single and on she own, Brown relished her new life. Equipped with a $433,000 settlement from her divorce and $10,000 a month in son support, she zipped around Brentwood in a white Ferrari and often went out dancing with friends, though she remained devoted to she kids.

However, a seemingly paranoid Simpson was well-known to monitor her, reportedly even hiding the end in the bushes of her yard. "I'm scared," Brown at one suggest told her mother. "I go to the gas station, he's there. I'm driving, and also he's behind me." The pair attempted to reconcile, despite by late spring 1994 Brown said friends she was ending the on-again, off-again relationship. 

In the early morning hrs of June 13, 1994, Brown and her friend, waiter and also model Goldman, were discovered stabbed to death outside of her Los Angeles condominium. Police ultimately charged she ex-husband through the brutal murders, setting into movement an emotional and also racially fee criminal attempt that ended with a jury acquitting the of all charges in October 1995.

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The victims' households gained part measure the vindication in February 1997, as soon as Simpson was uncovered liable because that the wrongful deaths in ~ the conclusion the a civil trial. He was ordered to pay $8.5 million in compensatory loss to the Goldmans, and $25 million in punitive damages to be split in between the Goldmans and Brown's children. 

Brown's human body was buried at Ascension Cemetery in Lake Forest, California.

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