O.J. Simpson reacts after finding out he would be granted parole, in ~ a hearing at the Lovelock Correctional center in Nevada, July 20, 2017. < connected Press >
A brand-new documentary developed by and starring Pasco County’s Norman Pardo alleges that O.J. Simpson was there when ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her girlfriend Ron Goldman to be murdered in 1994.

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But, Pardo claims, the crime to be committed by glen Rogers, that has because been convicted of two other murders and is doubt of killing others.

Titled Who eliminated Nicole, the 112-minute documentary is screening online for cost-free today, Oct. 3, v Pardo’s website whokillednicole.com.

Pardo, who says he once regulated the former football star, is unsure when it will certainly be presented again.

Still, the told the Tampa bay Times, “it feels great to get it out there.”


Norman Pardo has developed a documentary the alleges O.J. Simpson was there when ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her girlfriend Ron Goldman were murdered however did no commit the crime.

The allegation that serial killer Rogers is linked to the murder is no new. Rogers admitted come it from death row and also his family developed the 2012 documentary My brother the Serial Killer, which explores the possibility.

But regulation enforcement has not action on the assertion.

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Pardo’s documentary seeks to prove the case via handwritten confessions sent out by Rogers come him and also others. It likewise includes interviews v anonymous “informants” cloaked in darkness who information Rogers’ connection to the murders.

According to the film, this is what happened:

Simpson rental Rogers to uncover out that was dealing medicine to Brown Simpson. Goldman was a suspect.

Simpson to be tipped off that Goldman to be going to his ex-wife’s house on the night of the murders in 1994 and also brought Rogers through him.

An discussion ensued. Goldman traction a knife and also cut Simpson’s hand.

Simpson fled and also left a trail of blood.

Rogers killed Goldman and Brown Simpson and also later threw the bloody gloves onto Simpson’s property.

Simpson to be acquitted the the double murders in 1995 during what was called the trial of the century.

Rogers was arrested later that year and charged with killing 5 women in number of states. He to be sentenced to death for two of the murders.

“It’s over,” Pardo says in the documentary’s opened scene. “Once i tell every little thing I know, it’ll be over. The only way I have the right to be free is really to speak what is on mine mind.”

Pardo states he controlled Simpson indigenous the so late 1990s until Simpson’s arrest in 2007 because that stealing sports memorabilia at gunpoint in a ras Vegas hotel.

Simpson publicly denies that claim.

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But the documentary has the signed managerial contract plus clip of the two joking around as castle come and go native public appearances.