O.J. Simpson accused confessed come the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, the publisher the his 2006 book around the killings insurance claims in a new TV special.

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Twelve year ago, Simpson sat under with former HarperCollins publisher Judith Regan because that an interview to promote the disgraced former football star’s controversial publication If ns Did It. In the book and also the interview v Regan — which to be slated to air top top Fox at the time — Simpson spoke about the night his ex-wife and also her girlfriend were brutally murdered.

But Simpsons’ account never went public. The publishing company ultimately decided to not move forward v the book, and also Fox did no air the interview. Regan to be fired indigenous HarperCollins for agreeing to publish Simpson’s hypothetical account of how he would have actually committed the murders.

But now Regan is speaking the end in a new Fox special, O.J. Simpson: The lost Confession? In the special, Regan talks to reporter Soledad O’Brien around dealing with Simpson and his legit team — and also she says that the former football star admitted to committing the murders.



In a clip acquired by TMZ, the a scene the did not air on the special, Regan recalls just how Simpson’s team got to out to her. “I got a phone speak to from an attorney who said that O.J. Was prepared to confess,” Regan says. “And actually, I believed it was some type of a scam and didn’t think him, and I thought, ‘This guy’s a lunatic,’ however I took his number and also said I’d call him back.”

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“The next day I called him earlier and he stated he to be willing to do it, and also the only condition that he had actually was the he didn’t want to speak to the publication I walk It,” Regan claims. “He want to placed an ‘if’ in former of it, for this reason he would have deniability through his children. He couldn’t face his children and also he couldn’t call them that he had actually done it. The was the way it was shown to me. The was his just condition.”

During the 2006 interview, which will air top top the Fox special, Simpson says, “Forget whatever you think girlfriend know around that night due to the fact that I understand the facts much better than anyone.” the adds, “This is one story the whole world got wrong.”



Simpson was discovered not guilty the the killing in October 1995 after a lengthy trial. He was later found responsible for the deaths in a polite trial and ordered to pay $33.5 million come the households of Brown and Goldman.

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In 2008, Simpson was uncovered guilty of miscellaneous felony charges consisting of kidnapping and robbery in connection with a botched ras Vegas robbery. He to be granted parole in July 2017 after practically nine year behind bars. Speak to gendergeek.org prior to a decision had been made about Simpson’s parole, Brown Simpson’s sister Tanya Brown said she had “learned come accept points that ns cannot adjust or have control of.”

After finding out Simpson would be freed, she said, “I will continue to quiet live mine life together I have been doing for 23 years.”

O.J. Simpson: The shed Confession? premieres top top Sunday, march 11 in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT and also features a dashboard of analysts moderated through Soledad O’Brien that will malfunction Simpson’s interview.

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