They were arguably Donald Trump's many striking claims to date: a collection of tweets, accusing then-President Barack Obama of wire-tapping trumped Tower during the election.

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They were not backed increase by any evidence, and also Mr Obama's spokesman and former US intelligence chief James Clapper denied that any type of wiretap had been ordered.

President trumped urged congress to investigate, together its present investigations into allegations the Russian hacking throughout the election. But still no evidence has emerged.

FBI director James Comey for the very first time ~ above Monday shown to the residence Intelligence Committee the the agency is investigating feasible links between Russia and also Mr Trump's associates as component of a more comprehensive inquiry into Moscow's interference in last year's election.

"With respect come the president's tweets around alleged wiretapping command at the by the former administration, I have actually no details that support those tweets, and also we have actually looked closely inside the FBI," that told the panel.

After grandfather Trump's tweets earlier this month, the brand-new York time quoted unnamed an elderly officials reporting that Mr Comey had actually said the claim was false and also had asked the justice room to publicly reject it.

Mr Clapper claimed the knowledge agencies he had supervised did not wiretap grandfather Trump critical year, and nor go the FBI achieve a court order to monitor grandfather Trump's phones.

As knowledge director, he told NBC, that would have actually known around a "court stimulate on something like this".

This is a reference to the US foreign Intelligence surveillance Court, i m sorry can approve wiretaps ~ above the grounds of national security.

Several senior Republicans have rejected the allegations after conference committees looked into them.

Senate intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr said on 16 in march there were "no indications" that Trump Tower was the topic of security by any type of element that the US federal government either prior to or after choice Day 2016.

And the previous day, home of Representatives knowledge Committee chairman Devin Nunes said: "We don't have any evidence."

"Are friend going to take the tweets literally?" request Rep Nunes. "If so, clearly the president was wrong."

It hasn't said yet. It has actually asked for more time to respond to the home Intelligence Committee's request the it carry out evidence.

But mr Comey ~ above Monday additionally said the justice department discovered no proof to support the president's allegations.

Yes. "He stills was standing by it", asserted White house press secretary Sean Spicer in the wake of the congressional knowledge committees' statements.

However, in spite of the fact that one of Mr Trump's tweets particularly accused grandfather Obama the tapping his phones, the subsequent White House definition of wiretap is broad.


"Wiretap consist of a many of different things. Ns think you're walk to find some really interesting items comes to the forefront over the next two weeks," grandfather Trump said Fox News ~ above 16 March.

Two work earlier, mr Spicer had said: "The president supplied the word wiretap in estimates to mean extensively surveillance and other activities."

Mr Spicer has cited comment made top top Fox News by previous judge Andrew Napolitano, who stated "three knowledge sources" had actually told Fox News that President Obama had used the brothers spy firm GCHQ to download wiretaps.

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GCHQ, i beg your pardon does no normally talk about news reports, claimed the claims were "nonsense, utterly ridiculous and should be ignored".

On Monday, nationwide Security agency (NSA) director Michael Rogers likewise rejected the claims that British knowledge services to be behind the wiretapping insurance claims during testimony before the house committee.