The Obama administration sent $221 million come the Palestinian government on Friday together President Obama ready to leave the White house for the critical time, The connected Press reports.

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The outgoing management formally notified Congress that the decision just hours prior to President Trump was inaugurated.


Congress had initially authorized the spending. But two house Republicans, Reps. Ed Royce (Calif.), that serves as the chairman that the House international Affairs Committee, and Kay Granger

Norvell (Kay) Kay GrangerConservative women"s team endorses buy it Huckabee Sanders because that Arkansas branch Bottom line house passes sprawling spending bill ahead of loss shutdown fight much more (Texas), that is ~ above the an effective Appropriations Committee, put holds on the assist money since the Palestinian Authority was seeking membership in international organizations.



Former Secretary of State man Kerry

John KerryGOP seeks oversight hearing v Kerry on climate diplomacy  COP26 was a cop-out — here"s why it it s okay a failing grade have the right to America stop a global warming cold war? much more notified some lawmakers about the decision to release the money on Thursday, the AP reports.


The $221 million sent to the Palestinian authority is to plan to administer humanitarian aid in ares such together Gaza and the West Bank, as well as to support political reforms there.

The Obama management also notified lawmakers on Friday that it would release $6 million in foreign spending, v $4 million of that going to programs to fight climate adjust and $1.25 million to United countries organizations.

Trump has actually voiced skepticism about climate change in the past and also has criticized the U.N.

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