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Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, critics questioned his Christian beliefs. The suspicion among some conservative Facebook groups has ongoing a year and also a half after his departure from the White House.

One group, dubbed Yes ns Right, shared a connect to an post titled "Shocking video Emerges that Obama Mocking God and also the Bible." thousands of users reacted and also shared the link, which caused a Conservative short article write-up and also video.

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We looked at the video. It has been around since 2006 and is clipped indigenous a larger 40-minute speech around separating spiritual beliefs from policymaking.

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The Conservative Post write-up is simply a few sentences long, accusing Obama of an "open universalist perspective toward faith" and say that his faith is "100% phony."

According come his biographies, Obama ended up being a practicing Christian in early adulthood as soon as he started working with spiritual community teams in Chicago. Follow to reports throughout his time in office, that prayed daily and also would routinely consult with pastors because that spiritual guidance.

In the fastened 3-and-a-half minute video, Obama does not denigrate Christianity. That is shown suggesting for politics compromise across religions. "We room no much longer a Christian nation, or at least not just," he says, "We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and also a buddhist nation, and also a Hindu nation, and a country of non-believers."

Because of this, Obama argues, make political plan based solely on religious beliefs is unsustainable. He offers the example of a Christian who objects come abortion on spiritual grounds: despite they might feel strongly the is wrong due to the fact that of your religion, the says, lock cannot usage the bible as their evidence.

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Obama likewise notes that, if the government was led by religion, many books of the holy bible would not be applicable for making policy. As the audience laughs, he states that Leviticus, which condones slavery yet forbids shellfish, or Deuteronomy, which allows for the stoning of wayward children, would not be an ideal for modern-day laws.