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For a president who had so numerous scandals and related issues during his time in the White House, over there sure appears to be a lot of CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and ABC media defense because that Barack Obama. ~ eight year of bad economic growth, scandals overseas, the growth of ISIS and also Russia, the 44th President had actually been successfully reshaping his legacy. Unfortunately for him, Hillary’s illegal, personal email server and also non-government email account may have actually thrown a wrench into the Obama tradition machine. The previous President’s ties come Hillary’s damaging decisions are currently laid bare. The Washington time uncovered an essential elements that the Inspector General’s report ~ above her personal email server located in the toilet of her personal residence.

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Not quite the instance Obama Described?

Snopes and also other democrat run truth checker sites have not covered this doozie the a story. We could only find one site, truth Checker.Org, indigenous a 2015 report.

President Obama claimed he very first learned “through news reports” the Hillary Clinton provided a exclusive email system when she to be his secretary that state. But it turns out that did understand she supplied a exclusive email address, at the very least for some official business. The White home now claims the 2 leaders traded emails and also “the chairman was aware of her email address.” (Source).

Although this story broke a if ago, a find of Snopes because that Hillary, Obama, Emails, etc., turns up nothing we can find for this reason far. After us learned that Hillary (Affectionately known as “Broom Hillary”) turned off over 30,000 emails indigenous a server she supplied to conduct secret and confidential U.S. Main business, Obama appeared to insurance claim he had nothing to execute with it. He claimed that he found out at the same time as anyone else, “through news reports.”

On the various other hand, relying on how “knowing around it” is defined, possibly he knew nothing? The investigation into the email matter found that not just did Obama know she was making use of a non-government authorized email, however that he participated in conducting official business with Hillary utilizing that email address.

He was among the 13 world in contact with Clinton v her mystery email server. Furthermore, this happened when Hillary was out of the country, where it is believed she to be most fragile to having her email server hacked. Clinton is fortunate the no charges ever came about between the two. Obama is even luckier.

Mostly True?

There are plenty of reasons why Hillary’s email server was a massive scandal. Past just gift illegal and secretive, it was an essential element of international policy. Foreign powers may have hacked the server to get vital data about the State Department. Furthermore, considering how ISIS, Russia, Iran, and also North Korea play the Obama administration for eight years, the is plausible the they had actually inside information on what the White house was walking to carry out next. Hillary is lucky.

The nation turned out to it is in much much less so. The facts display it is mostly true that the former president enabled his subordinate to usage a personal server that she offered for fundraising and also the people’s business. Pundits controversy that an in similar way situated federal government employees would have actually done jail time because that intermingling private and also public service on an insecure server.

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Wikileaks turned end the 30,000 plus email files Hillary tried to ruin with Bleach Bit. Plenty of say Russia to be behind release the documents, and also this brought about Hillary shedding the election. In any type of event, we discover it is mostly true the the ex-president knew and participated in using Hillary’s insecure server.