Social media users involved in another round that whataboutism by claiming (falsely) that a video showed chairman Obama kicking a reporter out of a press conference.

Published8 November 2018

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This very same claim about President Obama previously showed up on social media in July 2018, after the White residence barred one more CNN reporter, Kaitlan Collins, from attending a press event. In ~ the time, Trump’s defenders do the similar argument and also asserted the Obama had also kicked a reporter the end of a push conference for questioning a concern he didn’t like:

A version of this video clip posted through Twitter user “Rosie Memos” had almost 500,000 views at the time of this writing:


This video clip is actual in the sense that it has actually not obviously to be altered, however it does not record President Obama’s rejecting a reporter for questioning a question he no like.

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This clip papers an incident which took ar at a July 2015 event at the White residence in honor of LGBT pride Month. Chairman Obama was moving a decided (not taking questions at a press conference) as soon as a protester (not a reporter) interrupted and also shouted in ~ him to demand an end to the deportation the LGBT immigrants:

An activist interrupted president Obama in ~ a White House occasion celebrating L.G.B.T. Pride Month to need an end to the deportation that L.G.B.T. Immigrants. The activist to be escorted from the room between a chorus the boos and also jeers indigenous the assembled guests.

The activist, Jennicet Gutiérrez, that is transgender and also says she is in the country illegally, interrupted Mr. Obama shortly after he began speaking, calling native the ago of the room, “President Obama, release all L.G.B.T.Q. Immigrants from detention and also stop all deportations!”

President Obama displayed tiny patience v the heckler, informing her, “You’re in my house” prior to having her removed.

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Here’s a video of the occurrence from BBC News:

Little compare exists in between the two events involving Presidents Obama and also Trump referenced here, other than the they both brought about an individual’s being barred from a White home event.