President-elect Donald trumped speaks throughout a rally at the Giant center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Dec. 15, 2016.

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U.S. President-elect Donald trump card delivered one more installment in his “thank you” tour Thursday to states that assisted him cinch the presidential election, and also used the occasion to slam Barack Obama’s peak spokesman.

At a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, trump card criticized chairman Obama’s press secretary, mock Earnest, who has been skeptical about some the Trump’s positions in his everyday briefings.

“This foolish guy, josh Earnest, i don’t know if he’s talk to chairman Obama. Girlfriend know having the right push secretary is for this reason important because he is so negative the way he delivers a message,” trump said. “He can provide a optimistic message and it sounds bad. He might say ladies and gentlemen today we have totally defeated ISIS and also it wouldn’t sound good.”


FILE - White residence press secretary mock Earnest discusses Zika virus during the everyday news briefing in ~ the White house in Washington.

Trump is supposed to announcement his very own press secretary choice in the next few days.

Meanwhile, he continues this “thank you” tour Friday in Orlando, Florida, and Saturday in Mobile, Alabama.

In continuing to to fill his Cabinet and also top management posts, trump officially nominated bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman together the ambassador to Israel. Friedman has actually expressed his opposition to a crucial tenet the U.S. Plan in the an ar — the two-state solution of one Israeli and Palestinian state life peacefully side by side.

Interior secretary

Trump likewise nominated Congressman Ryan Zinke that Montana as internal secretary Thursday.

Zinke, a previous Navy SEAL, is a proponent of maintaining public soil under commonwealth ownership. That place would placed him in ~ odds with those in the Republican Party who favor privatization or placing federal lands under the manage of states. Yet it is on par through Trump, who also has said he does not think commonwealth public land should be put under state control.

Many eco-friendly groups oppose Zinke, who has advocated for enhanced drilling and also mining on publicly lands and also has expressed skepticism around the urgency that climate change.

The internal Department has much more than 70,000 employees across the joined States and oversees much more than 20 percent of federal land, including national parks.

Business interests

In another Twitter comment Thursday, trump assailed news media coverage the his initiatives to different himself indigenous his vast worldwide business empire to avoid problems of interest v decisions he and the U.S. Federal government make when he assumes power January 20.

“The media make the efforts so hard to do my relocate to the White House, together it concerns my business, so facility — once actually it isn’t!” the said.

Trump has yet to spell the end details of exactly how he plans to remove himself from control of his advertising properties, golf courses, resorts and consumer product businesses. He says, though, his 2 eldest sons, Donald trump Jr. And Eric, together with managers at the trump Organization, will manage the operations.

Kellyanne Conway, among Trump’s peak aides, claimed it is possible that Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, and also her husband, Jared Kushner, could take White residence jobs advising the new president.

But the president-elect apparently has actually ruled the end the need from principles experts in previous U.S. Administrations that that divest his holdings and also put the legacy in a remote trust managed by an elevation manager making investment decisions there is no Trump’s knowledge.

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Earlier this week, trump card canceled a news conference planned for Thursday come disclose exactly how he would manage his business affairs as soon as he take away office, yet now says he will certainly talk around it next month.