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President Donald Trump will certainly make his third appearance in ~ the annual Army-Navy video game this Saturday, and also it could perhaps be his last as the commander-in-chief.

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Even if the White residence contests the 2020 choice in battleground states, Trump has actually marched forward together leader the the cost-free world. That way another reflecting at the Army-Navy football fight this weekend.

It will be the third-straight year Trump has actually attended the game, and also fourth since getting elected in 2016. He attended the 2016 game as president-elect and joined the CBS play-by-play tandem in the broadcast booth the year.

Only two various other sitting presidents have attended at least three Army-Navy games, and only one other has actually done that in more consecutive years 보다 Trump. George W. Bush attended in 2001, 2004 and 2008. Harry Truman attended the game seven-consecutive year (1945-50), and he tacked on an additional year in 1952.

Trump, who made strengthening the military one the his key objectives throughout his just term so far, is apparently attending the game this Saturday top top the West point campus. This will be the an initial time the video game has to be played on among the campuses due to the fact that 1943.

"The president"s going to do it," Chet Gladchuk called the marine Academy"s board of tourists on Monday. "I just discovered out a few moments earlier he"ll be at the game."


US president Donald Trump join West suggest cadets throughout the the military v. Navy Football game in Philadelphia ~ above December 14, 2019. Photograph by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty ImagesThe yearly Army-Navy game, i beg your pardon is generally played at a neutral site and chocked through chivalry and also pageantry, will be play at an academy site for only the sixth time in the 121 gamings in this esteemed history, according to the Military Times.

However, the social distancing during COVID-19 times can make it feel prefer just another neutral site.

"The field has been changed," Gladchuck said. "The method we"re seated, spacing, also the hospitality accommodations, are all separation right under the middle."

Trump will certainly be the first sitting president to to visit at least three games because Bush attend the 2008 contest. President Barack Obama to visit his only game in 2011, and also President invoice Clinton only attended the 1996 contest.

President Gerald Ford to visit the 1974 game. Ford, a well-known college football player himself, was the first president to attend the annual game due to the fact that John F. Kennedy, who made appearances in 1961 and 1962. Kennedy, a navy Academy graduate, to be assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963, before that year"s Army-Navy game.

President take care of Truman made yearly visits come the video game from 1945 (after people War II ended) all the way until 1950, and also then confirmed up again in 1952.

President Theodore Roosevelt was the first sitting president to attend the Army-Navy video game in 1901 at Franklin Field, and he made one more visit in 1905.

President Woodrow Wilson watched military defeat navy in 1913, and also Calvin Coolidge saw army beat marine in 1924. Then there to be a 21-year stretch before Truman attended.

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Coolidge to be the first president come sit ~ above one side during the an initial half and then switch political parties at halftime—a tradition still it was observed by presidents today. Kennedy to be the first to take component in the ceremonial coin toss.