As we reminisce on our rich background here in ~ the White House, this article is distinctive -- as we space looking ago at not simply one however five separate years.Since the development of the Nobel tranquility Prize, four U.S. Presidents and one angry President have actually received the award, which is presented each year on December 10.Keep analysis to find out much more about the background of Nobel peace Prizes here at the White House.

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As we reminisce on our rich history here at the White House, this write-up is unique -- together we room looking ago at not just one but five different years.

Since the development of the Nobel tranquility Prize, four U.S. Presidents and one evil President have actually received the award, i m sorry is presented annually on December 10.

Keep analysis to uncover out more about the background of Nobel peace Prizes here at the White House.

What’s the Nobel peace Prize?

Alfred Nobel was a guy of plenty of disciplines -- consisting of science, invention, entrepreneurship, literature, and peace. As soon as he passed away in 1896, he devoted his will to compensation those who have actually been outstanding numbers in these fields. Together a result, in 1900, the Nobel foundation was established and became the organization responsible because that awarding the Nobel Prizes.

According come Alfred Nobel’s will, the Nobel peace Prize shall it is in awarded come those who have “done the most or the best work because that fraternity between nations, because that the abolition or palliation of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of tranquility congresses."

The Nobel tranquility Prize is an worldwide award that is awarded every year by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The prize ceremony take away place annually on December 10, the day on i m sorry Alfred Nobel passed away. The prize usually includes a medal, personal diploma, and also award money.


Woodrow Wilson"s Nobel tranquility Prize Medal. Picture noted by the Library of Congress.

Which Presidents and also Vice Presidents have actually won a Nobel Prize?

Our story starts in 1906 when Theodore Roosevelt came to be the first President to success a Nobel peace Prize. Because then, three other Presidents and one vice President have actually received the honor.

Below is a perform of recipients indigenous the White House:

President Woodrow Wilson in 1920, for his initiatives in finishing the first World war and aid in producing the league of Nations.President Jimmy Carter in 2002, for his efforts in recognize “peaceful options to international conflicts, progressing democracy and human rights, and also promoting economic and also social development.”Vice chairman Al Gore in 2007, because that his initiatives to obtain and spread knowledge about climate change.President Barack Obama in 2009, for his efforts to strengthen worldwide diplomacy and cooperation.

When president Obama welcomed the prestigious award in 2009, that humbly emphasize his surprise in receiving the honor:

I would certainly be remiss if ns did not identify the considerable controversy that your generosity decision has generated. In part, this is since I am at the beginning, and also not the end, of mine labors on the civilization stage. Contrasted to few of the giants of history who've received this compensation -- Schweitzer and King; Marshall and Mandela -- my accomplishments are slight.

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President Obama additionally donated a huge sum the the money awarded to him v the Nobel tranquility Prize. Find out much more about the charities that the chairman donated to.

If you’re curious, here are a couple of more funny facts:

Information and photos offered in this post are courtesy of the Library the Congress and Norwegian Nobel Institute.